Continental Assembly of the Bursars & Treasurers


1. Each Province should have an unalienable patrimony recognised and approved by the Provincial Council and the General Administration that guarantees the basic functioning of the Province. In order to ensure the proper up keeping of the Patrimony (every ten years) a fund should be established between 1-2% a year up to a ceiling of 10% of its value. (12/12)

2. In the process of renewal proposed by the Ratio Missionis we underline the importance of developing a new style of life based on accountability, transparency and sobriety. Financial matters should be permanently present and taken into account. (12/12)

3. Self-sufficiency: In budgeting a project, 5% for the running of the project should be added. (11/12)

4. Whenever ministries can be remunerated, the income should go to the community. However, the policy of the Province should never be conditioned by a remunerated ministry. (11/12)

5. Projects must be communitarian and provincial. This assures continuity and implementation. At Institute level a form of general coordination must be set up to guarantee a fair distribution of funds. (12/12)

6. We make the option of the Total Common Fund. Each province and delegation should set up a proper programme to implement it. (11/12)

7. Each province and delegation is called upon to programme at local level, in each community, a concrete plan leading to self-sufficiency. (10/12)
Lilongwe 31.10-5.11.2005