Today the Minister for Environment Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, who is in Nairobi to attend the world conference on climate, has signed a cooperation agreement between Italy and Kenya on environmental matters. Among other topics it foresees also some projects in favour of the slum of Korogocho, involving in them both the local population and the Comboni missionaries who live with them.

After signing the agreement, the minister went to Korogocho to meet the Italians who work there and honour their country by doing great things with little means and who, moved by their catholic belief, share the people's terrible conditions of living and keep company with these poor taking special care of the children.

In Korogocho the Minister met the Comboni Missionary Fr. Daniele Moschetti, originally from Varese, who took over from Fr. Alex Zanotelli. With six other missionaries, priests and lay, he lives in a sort of island of peace and love in a place where people seem to have lost the sense of dignity of the human person and where it is truly difficult to utter words like hope and future. In the mud and without any material confort live men, women and children who appear like having been blotted out from the list of human beings. These are poor people from Kenya but also from neighbouring countries, who flee the old hunger of their villages and set out towards the city of Nairobi in search of luck; there they find instead a new hunger, no longer rural, but urban.
Pecoraro visited the mission of the Combonis, where he saw a school, a library, a medical centre, a little church and even the sports grounds together with an "arena" for outdoor performances. All these are found at the border of a smelling mountain of garbage. "We cure thousands of people, says Fr. Daniele; lungs cancers are very frequent here. (free translation from ANSA)
Nairobi, 16th November 2006