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Vivat International is an organized network of all sisters of the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (hereafter SSpS) and confreres of the Society of the Divine Word (hereafter SVD) whose work, expertise, or experience has direct bearing on issues related to social justice, development, peace, or ecology, and of those directly associated with these congregations in their apostolate and activities related to these issues.

Rome, 15.01.2009

The name and the logo
The name Vivat is derived from the Latin verb Vivere meaning ‘Live’ and expresses the deep wish for all that exists: may he/she live, may all persons live and may all creation live. The name Vivat International is therefore a unifying symbol of the two Congregations from which the body is originated. The logo depicts three persons embracing, welcoming and supporting one another while at the same time looking beyond their own circle to the larger outer world that is longing for unity and communion. The three olive shoots springing from the second letter of Vivat stand for the hope and the transformation that Vivat International envisages for the world.

The vision
Sharing a vision of the world and of every human being as created in goodness and dignity, and believing in the equality in rights and in dignity of all individuals, peoples and cultures, Vivat International commits itself to promote justice, harmony and reconciliation in the world.
Therefore Vivat International aims to:
  • Reach out to persons and peoples living in poverty of any kind, and share in their efforts for a restoration of well-being, dignity, and freedom.
  • Promote human rights, sustainable development, understanding and harmony between peoples, cultures, classes, and religions, and the creation of a world society and of local societies that permit the participation of all.
  • Work for ecological sustainability, the protection of biodiversity, and the preservation of the richness of the planet for future generations.

    The goal of Vivat International
    Therefore the goals of Vivat International are:
  • To promote networking among its members, and most particularly to promote collaboration with the United Nations in achieving common goals such as the goals of peace, respect for human rights, equitable and harmonious relations between peoples and nations, socio-economic and ecological well-being;
  • To distribute information aimed at awareness raising among its members;
  • To glean the grassroots experience and insights from its members and bring these to the attention of others, particularly the United Nations;
  • To carry out liaison for networking and collaboration with other agencies and NGOs.

    The nature and style of Vivat International Activities
    Vivat International addresses JPIC Issues at Two Levels:
  • At the Grassroots Level: working with affected people, Networking with other NGOs, Lobbying with and influencing the Government in carrying out various legislations and commitments made at the National, International and UN levels.
  • At the Systemic Level influencing the Government Delegates at the UN: To bring about sound policies, To device sound programs, To promote and establish gender equality, To promote people-centered approach to development, To bring about peace and harmony, To make the world sustainable.

    Vivat International and UN
    Vivat International believes that the humanitarian goals of the United Nations are very consistent with their own goals and that collaboration with the United Nations can be an important way of working for the kingdom.
    It brings Vivat International also into contact and allow to collaborate with a large number of NGOs working for similar goals.
    Because of faith commitment and the experience and expertise of so many of its members in so many different situations in the world, Vivat International believes do have something to offer. Vivat International members in fact have long-term presence with the poor and the marginalized in many parts of the world, a high level of education, and an effective international network.
    Therefore Vivat International have the resources to bring the voice of the poor and marginalized to the decision-making levels of world bodies. To achieve this,
  • Vivat International, through its membership, has collaborated to promote UN goals by organizing side-events during the time of the big gatherings at the UN. Side events relate stories from the field whereby grassroots members are invited to share actual happenings in the field and good practices are told.
  • Vivat International, through its membership, has collaborated with : NGO Committee on the Status of Women and children (UNICEF), NGO on HIV/AIDS, NGO Committee for Social Development, NGO Sub-committee for Poverty Eradication, NGO Committee on Financing for Development (FfD), NGO Working Group NGO Committee on Indigenous Issues/Peoples, NGO Committee on Migration, NGO Committee on Sustainable Development, NGO Committee on Human Rights, Expert Working Group (UNPFII) on Languages, Religious at the United Nations (RUN)

    The organization
    The Vivat International is basically built on:
  • Executive Team, based in New York, of two persons: Felix Jones (SVD), Zelia Cordeiro (SSpS). E-mail:
  • Board of Directors. Whose members are: Anthony Pernia (SVD), Maria Theresia Hornermann (SSpS), Gregory Pinto (SVD), Judith Vallimont (SSpS), Milan Bubák (SVD), Mary John Kudiyiruppil (SSpS).
  • To the annual and programming meeting participate also the representatives of Associate Members.
  • Landmarks of Vivat International
    1-. November 2000 Beginnings
    2-. April 2001: Set up Website: Vivat_International
    3-. July 23, 2004: Vivat International was granted Special Consultative Status by UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
    4-. November 23, 2004: Obtained New York State and City Tax Exemption.
    5-. December 15, 2004: Vivat International was granted Association with the Department of Public Information (DPI) of UN.
    6-. 2005, Vivat International extends Associate membership to individuals, groups and Religious Congregations.
    The associate members and Mccj
    Vivat International, is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded jointly by the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) and the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS). But since the beginning it wanted to enlarge its work to any force working in building the Kingdom of God. So the Statutes opened the door to others Institutes as Associate Members.
    Up to now those Associate Members are: MSHR (Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary), CMS (Comboni Sisters), CSSP (Congregation of the Holy Spirit), OMI (Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate), MCCJ (Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus), Adorers Sisters.
    Vivat International also accepted Groups like the Vishvas aids project, India.
    The Comboni Missionaries joined Vivat International on 19 July 2006. According to the Statutes an Associate Members cab apply to become a Full Member after had been Associate Members for two years. It’s up to the General Council apply for this new status.

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  • The presence of Comboni Missionaries in JPIC. N°1. VIVAT