The participants to the meeting

The Final Document 2° FSC was elaborate by a commission, discussed in the Assembly and confined to a narrow committee for his final elaboration. For this reason is dated February 3rd 2009, but it began to circulate later.

Roma, 1.03.2009

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Making the experience of the Forum to pass through a document to the brothers, is not easy. The event is a deep experience, it has social dimensions and mysticisms. When we communicate it through a document, the event falls: the event transforms, the document informs. The direct human contact, the emotion, the value of the exchange disappear in a document: the intellectuality only stands and it doesn't transform, it doesn't vivify.
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Nevertheless, a message that departs from an event, is a necessary tool of sharing.
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Final document 2° FSC: From Nairobi to Belem