Fr. Ottavio Raimondo

Make them sitting down, according to groups of fifty….. Then he took five loaves and two fish…All of them ate abundantly.

In the four Gospels the multiplication of the loaves and the fish six times in order to indicate that this miracle is the core of the Gospel. Today we would to put in evidence the catechesis, about the Eucharistic Sacrament, of Mary de Jesus, a girl of twenty. Her catechesis has made thinking the Parish assembly where I lived for five years. Later, she has taken important decisions. Mary de Jesus tells us that what Jesus has done with the bread is repeated with his disciple, with each one of us: the Eucharistic Celebration must be believed and lived.

Jesus took the bread Jesus takes you in his hands, and makes himself responsible of you. He takes you as you are. He takes you in his hands that surrender you, shelter and make you safe. He says: “You belong to me, you are precious to me. I take you under my responsibility: I guarantee for you.

He blessed it To bless means: to say ‘good’. So Jesus say very good things about you, he blesses you. Always Jesus says good things about us. In fact you are precious and beautiful, you have a story that is sacred and a future that is eternal. Sometimes you will meet people who will insult you. Maybe you will speak badly about yourself: you have been a fool, you were mistaken and you did wrongly. Jesus shall continue to defend you, and to speak positively about you to the Father and all people.

He broke it It’s no possible to share what has been not broken. More the bread is broken and more are the people who can receive it. This Jesus who takes you in his hands, who speak good about you, he is the same Jesus who doesn’t promise you a very large path. He didn’t come to make your life more easy, but He came to make you laying down you life

He distributed it  Jesus took the bread non because it could  remain in his hands, but in order to distribute it. Jesus does the same with you, takes you in order to handing over you to any person and to all creation, making you a gift. The bread that is not shared will grow musty  and hard. If you are not a gift and not eaten, your life looses meaning.

All of them ate All people have right to eat. Bread isn’t an exclusive food, reserved for special feasts. But bread is the daily bread that everybody has the right to eat. Everybody has the right to eat you, every day. Nobody is excluded because you too are a disciple of this Jesus who came “for all”.

Do this in memory of me. What I did you repeat. We are here for this reason. A Christian should never forget that this his story. Let’s go to Mass and let’s go with joy. The Mass is the teaching about what Jesus does with us ; we learn to do as Jesus did.

At every Eucharistic Celebration, you have to know  that this bread that is taken, blessed, broken and distributed is Jesus himself and the entire Christian Community . The real protagonist of the Eucharistic celebration is the Holy Spirit who is invoked upon bread and vine so that they become the body and the blood of Jesus Christ and the believers can become an unique body and an unique soul.
Thanks Mary de Jesus and thanks to all baptized who testify their faith with their lives, words  and deeds.