Fr. Ottavio Raimondo

This was the expectation of your people, the saving of the virtuous and the ruin of their enemies (Wisdom 18, 6-9)
He looked forward to a city founded, designed and built by God (Hebrew 11, 1-2, 8-19)
Happy those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes (Luke 12, 32-48)

 There is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom

Why Christian faith is less attractive to the eyes of many people? Why, we, Christian people aren’t able to transmit our peculiarity and our ‘diversity’? Why aren’t we able to say anybody we believe that the Father liked to give us his kingdom? Fear and anguish are not given by the Father, he gives us his kingdom. The most important thing is the Kingdom, the Lordship of God.

The Kingdom means a full life devoted to encountering and to communion, a complete sharing of what we are and what we have. Jesus, the handsome Sheppard reveals us, today, and a wonderful truth: it has pleased the Father to give us his Kingdom.

We, as members of this society, are more marked by fear and anguish, than feelings of rebellion and struggling; we are more marked by indifference, than the values of the Kingdom. Right now, in this society, the Father gives us his Kingdom! The contrary of goodness isn’t evil, but indifference. The contrary of life isn’t death, but indifference. The contrary of truth isn’t error, but indifference. The contrary of beauty isn’t ugliness or misshapenness, but indifference.

Indifference is the first allied to evil and very often it’s his justification.

 Lord do you mean this parable for us, or for everyone?

The disciples are asked for being vigilant. The coming Kingdom doesn’t allow escaping. To be vigilant and responsible is required in relating with others, in the community and in the world…

To be vigilant doesn’t allow us to sleep or to find sheltered nests. It doesn’t allow us to postpone taking decisions or new styles of life. Being responsible makes us feeling that we are administrators of goods which have to be shared with those have right to have them. So, what it’s very important is   to give, to serve and to share the daily food, more than to be worried for the coming of the Lord.

The daily bread means everything the persons and society need: word and bread, work and education, knowledge and means of living, faith and solidarity.

 When a man has had a great deal given him on trust, even more will be expected of him

The word ‘servant’ is repeated at least 6 times, meaning that the first quality for responsible of community is to serve. To own many things makes us sitting back, without growing up in the spirit.

Problems come from inside, when we aren’t able to serve, to be vigilant and to love the Lord. We, Christians, are the people who wait for the Lord, who love to wait for Him... Goodness has much power than evil in order to make us taking actions. A young African lady used to say “My heart doesn’t get tired”. A young university student of Latino America answered “Our community grows up and it’s enriched by ministries and vocations to consecrated life: we live with the joy to serve and to share”. The community of families of St. Martino de Porrez, in La Paz, Mexico, commented  “We are aware of being granted a lot, without measure, so we have grown up from exchanging to gratuity: we give everything we received without asking anything back”.

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