Rome, Friday, April 15, 2011
The Diocese of Tumaco has just published a report on the violation of Human Rights entitled, "Let no one say that nothing happens! – A view from the Pacific Region Nariñense.” Tumaco is the largest municipality in Colombia.

"With pain we continue to see the occurrence of many crimes, human rights violations and extortions, and increased insecurity in our cities and our streets," said the Bishop of Tumaco in presenting a very broad and documented report on the violation of most fundamental of human rights in this city, located on the southern coast of the Pacific Colombian border with Ecuador.

Tumaco is the largest municipality in Colombia and the Colombian Pacific port second in importance after that of Buenaventura. It has a population of 161,490 inhabitants, mostly of African descent. There are also two indigenous groups and a half-caste population on the increase. For several years, Tumaco has been the scene of crimes and human rights abuses at the hands of various armed people: guerrillas, paramilitaries, drug traffickers ...

The diocese accompanies the victims and issues regular reports and statements. In the recent document there is a compilation of the latest statements, presented in a geographical political and human context. "

“The goal of the presentation of these new facts that we propose – said Bishop Gustavo Girón, bishop of Tumaco – not simply to make a newspaper account of what is happening in the southern Pacific, but to provide elements that allow us to find ways to enable all citizens, all the living forces of our society, all families, to get to work together as a region of harmony, of honest work growing legal crops, of respect for life and property of people and so that we can truly become a dignified and flourishing community.”

Please find in the annex, the Report of the Diocese of Tumaco Nariño, Colombia, March 2011.