Rome, Tuesday, April 5, 2012
The News Service of the Comboni Missionaries – North American Province (NAP)
Comboni Press Network (CPN) newsletter provides access to information on global issues from Church and Mission-related sources. Our focus is on Justice and Peace issues, and on how the U.S. policies affect the Third World countries.

Millions of clicks won’t solve a problem, nor make a campaign right or humanitarian, as millions of votes didn’t make the Iraq War right.  Campaigns like “Kony 2012” aspire to frame the debate about these criminals and inspire action to stop them. Instead, they simply conscript our outrage to advance a specific political agenda—in this case, increased military action.

Enclosed is the April 2012 digital version of Comboni JPIC Newsletter (CJN). It is attached in four languages (EN English, IT Italian, ES Spanish and FR French) for your convenience.
Cindy Browne, Editor, CJN Newsletter
Fr. Jean Paul Pezzi, JPIC Office-NAP