Rome, Monday, December 3, 2012
The News Service of the Comboni Missionaries – North American Province (NAP)
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On the Edge of the Climate Cliff: Can the World Summit lead to more than “Stalemate and Failure?”
This year’s weather ranged from Hurricane Sandy and a U.S. drought that pushed up food prices, to an Indian monsoon and floods in Europe. Melting across most of the Greenland ice sheet and the shrinking of the Arctic Sea ice are of utmost concern. Nearly 17,000 participants from 194 nations are now making an urgent plea for real progress on climate change at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha, Qatar, ending December 7. Learn more and more, and click for webcasts. See The Ultimate Climate Change FAQ, here..

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Cindy Browne, Editor, CJN Newsletter
Fr. Jean Paul Pezzi, JPIC Office-NAP