Monday, November 2, 2015
"The saints are men and women of the Beatitudes" (Ermes Ronchi). These words are the heart of the Gospel, the story of how the man Jesus passed through this world. They express the desire of a completely different way of being men and women, the dream of a world of peace, sincerity, justice and pure of hearts. The key word of the Beatitudes is happiness. God is not only love and mercy; God is also happiness. Happiness is one of the names of God. We hereby publish the Beatitudes of the missionary.


The Beatitudes
of the missionary


Blessed the missionaries who are in love with Christ, who trust in Him as the most necessary and absolute presence; they will not be deceived.

Blessed the missionaries who say every morning “Our Father”, carrying in their hearts all nations, peoples and languages; who will not conform themselves to an irrelevant life.

Blessed the missionaries who keep their ideals and dreams for the Kingdom and don’t waste their time with unimportant things; God accompanies those who follow his rhythm.

Blessed the missionaries with a pure and transparent heart, who know how to discover the love and tenderness of God; God will reveal Himself to them.

Blessed the missionaries who acknowledge and accept limitations and weaknesses and do not pretend to be invulnerable; God is pleased with the humble.

Blessed the missionaries who know how to wisely discern when to be silent and when to speak; they will never have to regret themselves for having offended a brother or a sister.

Blessed the missionaries who cannot live without prayer and without valuing the richness of the Word of God; this will give sense to their life.

Blessed the missionaries who announce the truth about Jesus Christ and denounce the injustices that oppress humanity; they will be called prophets of the signs of the times.

Blessed the missionaries who know how to accept and value the cultures of the peoples; they will have understood the mystery of the Incarnation.

Blessed the missionaries who have time to make others happy, who find time for friends, reading and relaxation; they have understood the Commandment of Love and recognized to be themselves human and needy.

Fr. Manuel Pinheiro de Carvalho, Comboni missionary in Peru.