Wednesday, February 14, 2018
The next Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will have as its theme “The youth, the faith and vocational discernment” and will take place in October, 2018. The world of youth is understood less and less and the Church itself finds it difficult to enter this ‘universe’, to understand its soul, its aspirations and its dreams and to come up with useful proposals that meet the demands of life and the deepest desires of the youth. For this reason the General Curia of the Comboni Missionaries has organised some conferences on the theme: The youth and the search for happiness.

The first conference will be held on 15 February 2018 on the theme: The youth and the social media: influences affecting the choices of life; the relator will be Sr. Caterina Cangià, a Salesian, who teaches Pedagogy and Media Communication. The second conference on 1 March will be led by Fr, Zbignew Formella, a Salesian who teaches Psychology of Education and he will speak on the Psychological Profile of Youth Today. The final conference will be held on 22 March on the theme: Youth and religion: educational challenges, values and conscience, presented by Fr. Giulio Parnofiello, a Jesuit, chaplain of the Sapienza at Rome University.

Since 2014, during lent, the General Curia has been organising conferences on themes of social and ecclesial actuality. The aim of the conferences is not simply to provide information on current topics but to propose the Gospel of life and mercy as the key to understanding events. In short, the conferences are meant to be an instrument of mission promotion.