Letter of the Bishops of Central African Republic: “… Justice and peace will kiss”


Monday, January 14, 2019
The letter of the Catholic Bishops of Central African Republic, published on the 13th of January 2019, is addressed “to the Family of God in Central Africa, to our Christian brothers and believers, to men and women of good will”. It is a passionate letter, which deplores the absence of the state that no longer deals with road, school, administrative and health infrastructure “from the time of the Emperor Bokassa”; it criticizes some UN contingents that do not intervene despite clear situations of violence perpetrated “before their eyes” and condemns the armed groups that commit repeated acts of inhuman violence and serious violations of human rights in the occupied areas.

The Bishops address a heartfelt appeal to all to build peace: “For us, peace consists of truth and freedom, justice and security [...]. Even if God is at work, peace is not prearranged. It is up to us to build it every day by obeying reason and God. Pope Francis urges us to do so when he says: ‘... Building peace is an art that requires serenity, creativity, sensitivity and skill.’”

Attached we publish the letter in French: Message de la Conférence Episcopale Centrafricaine «… Justice et paix s’embrassent».

Catholic Bishops of Central African Republic.