G. Caramazza – M. Moerschbacher – L. Sileo (eds): “Mission in Africa: Evangelizing the Future”


Tuesday, November 30, 2021
In order to identify the different ways by which the various continents and contexts contribute to shape a theology of mission and the challenges it faces today, there are several and wide-ranging topics which should be taken into account.

The organizers of the international conference “Mission in Africa: Evangelizing the Future” have identified three core areas to explore from an African Perspective: 1) evangelization and inculturation, 2) the female face of mission, and 3) mission and development. Considering crucial to highlight the multifaceted contextual realities and to draw lessons from multiple case-studies and viewpoints, the conference gave particular attention to the value of experience within different settings in Africa. This volume presents the results of a nourishing and productive institutional cooperation, May this presentation contribute to cultivating new ways to develop our common task of mission.

G. Caramazza – M. Moerschbacher – L. Sileo (eds)
Mission in Africa: Evangelizing the Future
Urbaniana University Press
October 2021