Saturday, July 23, 2022
The Prelature of Itacoatiara (AM), in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, urges us to a coherent, concrete and prophetic transformation. To reject the extractive and mining projects that devastate life in all its forms. They do so in a forceful way by decreeing not to receive funds or any type of financial aid that comes from these extractive economies. [Video]

The Commission for Integral Ecology and Mining and the Episcopal Commission for the Amazon, both of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), REPAM, the Churches and Mining Network, the Pastoral for Land Issues Commission (CPT) and the Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi), among many others, promote this initiative and call dioceses, parishes and individuals to these decisions.

These are concrete attitudes with which we will signal to society that we are in tune with what the Church and Pope Francis are asking of us," concludes Dom José Ionilton Lisboa de Oliveira, bishop of the Prelature of Itacoatiara (AM) and promoter of the initiative.

With the support of Verbo Filmes this message was produced, with which we want to expand and spread this good news widely!