Thursday, November 3, 2022
There needs to be a covenant between human beings and the environment.” (Pope Francis’ message for the Season of Creation 2022). With these words, Pope Francis continues to call us to dialogue in order to be faithful to how we care for one another and all of creation. In these challenging days we are called to be in dialogue with each other, to listen and understand so that we can determine our role in solidarity with all people. [
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In this issue we are aware that we are facing many important needs of our time. The Ukraine conflict is deeply troubling, as well as other areas of conflict where people are suffering from needless violence. This crisis is also affecting the world's economies causing inflation with energy and food prices. The vulnerable poor are suffering disproportionally with rising prices for the basic needs for life. The impact of climate change is become more obvious as extreme weather events are increasingly common.

In light of this, we have the hope of COP27, the current meeting of world leaders who will meet to discuss future directions and who have pledged to holding governments and corporations accountable for honoring past commitments, particularly the COP21 Paris Agreement. Our synodal process of listening to everyone is a continuation of the spirit of Vatican II in our contemporary times. Our upcoming JPIC Promoters’ Formation Workshop will engage in the profound messages of Pacem in Terris and Laudato Si’ in vital ways of sharing. Now is the time that we must consciously work together in creating a just, sustainable, and thriving future for all.
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