Strillo Promoting a culture of Justice and Peace.

In a world that is increasingly torn by war and injustice, dominated by a type of globalisation that excludes the poor and militarises economies, giving overbearing domination to the strongest, the Comboni Missionaries make a preferential option for the poor and most down-trodden of the earth, following the example of Bishop Daniel Comboni.
In a Report on the Vicariate Apostolic written in 1870, Comboni states, while writing about the raids of slave traders: "Especially when these wretches were ruthless to the poor Africans in a thousand ways, the Missionaries had protected innocence and justice"; and later on he adds: "The Africans had clearly distinguished between the Missionaries and the other whites, because they saw that the Mission, instead of killing the poor Africans, stealing their children and babies and their cattle, always dried their tears, cared for their sick and taught them morality, justice and the way to heaven." (S 2088). This is why commitment to Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation is one of the most significant elements of the task of evangelisation for Comboni Missionaries. The Gospel of Jesus, proclaimed and witnessed to, unmasks the cunning and the schemes of the rich and powerful, overcomes resistance to brotherly communion and upholds the dignity of the human person, created in God's image. In working for Justice and Peace, Comboni Missionaries intend to be signs and instruments of communion and reconciliation, knowing well that their mission may let loose the rage of the proud and the powerful, and bring persecution, threats and, sometimes, martyrdom.