Monday, May 13, 2019
The prophetic dialogue is absolutely not a new way of thinking and practicing mission. It is rather a new way to explicitly define the style in which God accomplishes the mission and the style in which the same mission was practiced since the beginning of Christianity. Prophecy must be made in dialogue. One of the great contributions of the Evangelii gaudium is the firm belief that both are possible and, indeed, necessary in the task of evangelization. (In the picture: Stephen Bevans, SVD)

Pope Francis' example of openness allows him to speak in a strong and credible way: his words do not lead to isolation, but to constant respect, openness and ability to listen. The Evangelii gaudium  is therefore a wonderful example of how to live the mission with the attitude and practice of prophetic  dialogue.
[Evangelii gaudium e il dialogo profetico]
Source: Stephen B. Bevans – AD GENTES 18 (2014) 2, pp. 189-198