Sunday, January 14, 2018
The phenomenon of human mobility "is also affecting churches and ecclesial personnel, especially in the churches of Africa, but also in Asia, South America and the countries of Eastern Europe". Thus says Fr. Fernando Zolli, Comboni missionary, in a essay entitled “Cooperation between the Churches. Decolonizing the model” presented at the Gruppo Europeo di Riflessione Teologica (GERT) meeting that took place in Sunningdale (England) in September 2017. It is necessary to pass, underlines Fr. Fernando, from a model of cooperation where the 'need' predominates (covering administrative and sacramental needs) to one of cooperation among the churches based on the Christian communities’ sense of hospitality, on the gradual insertion of the presbyter in the Italian context and on greater involvement and co-responsibility between the Episcopal Conferences. This type of cooperation is based on the paradigm of the Church as 'People of God' and to which, necessarily, the lifestyle and the role of the priest must change because “he is called to stress not only the vertical dimension, but above all the ecclesiological dimension of being near to people and the ability to touch the wounds of the brother, and the pneumatological: a man of acceptance, listening, dialogue, sharing of life, the good Samaritan who soothes with oil and wine the wounds of the marginalized and, together with all the other community ministries, seeks solutions.”
Attached we publish the article in Italian.

Comboni missionaries: Fr. Fernando Zolli and Fr. Léonard Ndjadi Ndjate.