The centrality of mission and with it the role of the laypeople, the ministerial service of the Church and the Comboni charism lived in a “lay” dimension, Comboni’s example and the demand of the new mission, are the main criteria and motivations which animate the Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM). The CLM are single or married people who participate in the Mission of the Church according to the charism of Comboni. Open to the needs of the local Church and the people who welcome us.  We strive to serve those most in need, in locations where the Gospel has not been heard.  As missionaries, we offer our formation and our professional experience in the service of the community. Whenever possible, we live in community, benefiting from mutual support, formation and an international ambiance.  We are communities of the new evangelization, planting the seeds for a new world. Webpage of the Comboni Lay Missionaries