Pope asked God to “grant the great gift of peace” in the world


Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Recently in praying the rosary, Pope Francis asked God to “grant the great gift of peace” in Ukraine and the world. We join him in these efforts to end conflicts in all places on our planet. As Pope Francis often reminds us, “Everything is interconnected”. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has affected world economies. Prices of food and energy have risen. As usual, poor and countries and fragile economies will bear the worst of it.

Yet, there is a bright light in the darkness of this suffering. There are people who act with charity and compassion towards others. Ukrainians, struggling themselves with the privation of war, are generously helping each other, even those who cannot flee the country because they are elderly or have nowhere else to go. The ecumenical and inter-religious nature of international solidarity aid coming to Ukraine is a testament to people answering the spiritual call to hear the voices of the vulnerable. We are called to seek ways of healing. We must ask our leaders to hear this message and to respond in other areas of suffering including the Holy Land, Afghanistan, DRC, Nigeria, Lebanon, Haiti, Columbia, and Myanmar. Our monthly online prayers in collaboration with Pax Christi International, Catholic Nonviolence.

Initiative (CNI) continue to focus on promoting nonviolent approaches to resolving conflicts. We appreciate your support and all that you do to make this world better!