Wednesday, February 21, 2018
The Comboni provincials and delegates of French/English-speaking Africa and Mozambique met in Nairobi (Kenya). The meeting began on February 16th and will continue until the 26th of the same month. Also present Fr. Jeremias Martins, Vicar General, Fr. Pietro Ciuciulla, member of the General Council and Fr. Mariano Tibaldo, general secretary of the mission. It is the first time that all the provincials of Africa come together for a joint meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to find common lines of action in various fields, from mission to formation. In the picture from left: Fr. Edward Kanyike (Malawi/Zambia) and Fr. Jude Burgers (South Africa).

The formation of the Continental Councils of Mission and other issues related to the continental priorities of mission justified the presence of the general secretary of the mission. The continental priorities (such as pastoral care in urban setting, the pastoralists, issues related to justice and peace, inter-religious dialogue among others) oblige the leadership of the provinces/delegations to a common vision about the continental pastoral challenges and to think of shared and effective solutions.

Comboni superiors of Anglophone Africa and Mozambique (from left): Fr. Giuseppe Cavallini (Vice provincial of Etiopia), Fr. Achilles Kiwanuka (Uganda), Fr. Jeremias Martins (Vicar General), Fr. Richard Kyankaaga (Egypt/Sudan), Fr. Teklay Habtu (Eritrea), Fr. Louis Okoth (South Sudan), Fr. Austine Odhiambo (Kenya), Fr. Mariano Tibaldo (general secretary of the mission), Fr. Jude Burgers (South Africa), Fr. Edward Kanyike (Malawi/Zambia), Bro. Jonas Dzinekou Yawovi (representative continental brothers), Fr. António Manuel Bogaio Constantino (Mozambique).

Comboni superiors of Francophone Africa (from left): Fr. Fidéle Katsan (Chad), Fr. Pietro Ciuciulla (General Council), Fr. Joseph Mumbere (RD. Congo), Bro. Jean Marie Mwamba Kabaya (representative continental brothers), Fr. Victor Kouande Adekoun (Togo-Ghana-Benin). From French-speaking Africa Fr. Longba Guéndé Godefroy-Médard (of Central African Republic) did not come .