Thursday, February 10, 2022
Every experience buds forth such that it cannot but be a sign of something seemingly little or rather not visible and yet efficacy enough that there is a sign produced in form of a fruit. This puts into context the beauty of the word of God that does not return without impacting the one open and disposed to this word.

Reflecting on the Sunday of the Word of God, January 23, that was celebrated with the foreign University youth in Cordi Jesus shrine, Cairo, the inserted formative community of Cordi Jesu witnessed history being made as four scholastics received the installation to the ministry of readers (lectorate).

The liturgical celebration graced by the youth and a few invited friends was presided over by the vice provincial of Egypt-Sudan province, Fr. Dominic Eibu representing the provincial superior and the ordinary of the Latin vicariate in Egypt. He stressed the fact that the word of God, when well proclaimed must leave an impact in the one who listens to it. He also noted that as a lector, one needs to prepare by meditation on the word of God daily so as to proclaim what has first and foremost had an impact in the lector himself or herself.

This ministry, which for us is a step towards our eventual service as ordained ministers, comes at a time when the Holy Father instituted the third Sunday in ordinary time as the Sunday of the word of God. This year focuses on Luke 11: 28: "Blessed are those who hear the word of God!" It becomes a very humbling experience that we participate in making God known through our proclamation of the word and also instructing the faithful, guided by the same word. We therefore, remain grateful to God for the grace of being able to participate in his mission of evangelization accorded to the church.

Being instituted lectors in the presence of the youth who are part of the shrine community under the Youth Chaplaincy of Cordi Jesu also takes on a catechetical value. A good number became aware of the mandate of proclaiming the word of God and also of the importance that the church accords to the Word that is actually God in our midst in His Word. This becomes for us a graceful moment of savoring the word each time and thus rightly proclaiming it to the people of God. It does not come lightly that most catholics are not considered readers of the word of God and yet each liturgical celebration we hold feeds us from the Table of the Word and the Table of the Eucharist. The trend is usually to focus on the latter and give very little attention to the former.

Each step made in our inserted community is a moment of Grace and at the same time history in the making. We remain ever grateful to God for his never failing presence journeying with each one of us and pray that he brings to accomplishment whatever he has began in our lives, in our community, our province and institute. His word is a lamp to our feet and a light for our path. May of blessed founder Daniel Comboni accompany us with his prayers.