The campaign “Banning Poverty”

Rome, Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Individual citizens and some organizations – among them the Comboni Lay Missionaries, the Water Forum, Caritas – have established in Lecce a group to promote the international campaign “Banning Poverty. “We ask all those individuals and organizations who are interested and involved in these topics to join this promoting group and to take part in the campaign,” so says the announcement of the Comboni Lay Missionaries of Lecce (Italy).


“Banning Poverty 2018”

The international campaign “Banning Poverty 2018” (DIP) is the brain child of the University of the Common Good and of the Association Monastery of the Common Good, launched in Italy on September 8, 2012 on the occasion of the 19th Justice Agliana-Quarrana march, and is supported by various organizations and international groups, active in many countries such as Argentina, the Québec region, Italy, Morocco, Malaysia, the Philippines and Belgium.

The campaign is meant to obtain by 2018 (the 70th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights at the UN) a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly which will declare as illegal laws, institutions and collective and social practices that generate and foster the processes of impoverishment in various countries and regions of the world. It will be like the time when people declared the illegality of slavery.

The campaign is described on the site . In particular, the document “To free society from impoverishment” ( offers a theoretical basis. The document “DIP” (see attachment) proposes three long term objectives (the democracy question, justice and social economy, citizenship) and, for each objective, it offers priority actions.

Through the choice of one (or more) priority action the aim is to reach concrete results (albeit small!) in a territory and so give “a feeling of reality to utopia.”

The intention of the Group from Lecce is to promote the campaign at provincial level, organizing activities meant to make civil society aware of the problem. For this reason the Group wants, first of all, to expand in order to get more members; anyone who believes in the “possibility of a society without poverty” may share with us this journey of reflection and action.

We ask, therefore, all those individuals and organizations who are interested and in tune with these topics, to join this promoting group and to take part in the campaign “Banning Poverty.”

The Comboni Lay Missionaries of Lecce (Italy) will meet from 14th to 18th of August to share their daily life’s problems and discuss on the theme "Mission: to recognize and choices seeds of hope in this today”. The catechesis will be conducted by P. Alberto Pelucchi.

Comboni Lay Missionaries of Lecce (Italy).