Who we are

Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (MCCJ). Having tried in vain to involve different Societies in carrying out his Plan, Daniel Comboni was led on 1st June 1867 to found in Verona the "Istituto per le missioni della Nigrizia". It was an institute of diocesan right, composed of priests and coadjutor brothers of different nationalities, without religious vows but bound by an oath of allegiance and loyalty to the Institute and the mission. Bishop Comboni died at Khartoum on the 10th October 1881, before he was able to consolidate his institution which he hasd envisaged on an international scale. After the destruction of the missions during the Mahdi revolt, his successor, Bishop F. Sogaro, petitioned and received from the Holy See permission to transform the Institute into a religious congregation.