For a better quality of life for people affected by albinism

Friday, September 8, 2017
Kanimambo (Albinism Support Association) is a Portuguese NGO that helps Mozambique’s albinos to have a better quality of life. The situation of albino in Mozambique is alarming. There are seven trafficking routes of human organs used by healers, which concerns the Maputo government. In Tanzania and Malawi, it is feared that people with albinism run the risk of a real extermination. In its April report this year, the UN warned of the “systemic extinction risk” of the 10,000 albino people living in Malawi.

According to information from the President of the Council of Founders of the Kanimambo Association, Miguel Anacoreta Correia, this month in September, the NGO is working to help albinos, especially in Nampula and Maputo. “In this first Kanimambo health mission in Mozambique,” said Miguel Correia, “we chose to focus on ophthalmology. There will be dermatology and, subsequently, other specialist areas that can improve the quality of life of people with albinism.” Picture of Kanimambo (Albinism Support Association).