Mozambique: Declaration of the “No al ProSavana” people

Saturday, November 11, 2017
About 200 farmers, representatives of social movements, NGOs, Church groups, teachers, students, activists, people of good will and members of the “No al ProSavana” Campaign from Mozambique, Brazil and Japan met in Maputo on October 24-25 for the Third Triangular Conference of Peoples organized by the No al ProSavana Campaign. ProSavana is a mega-project of agribusiness that includes land grabbing from small and medium size farmers. The objective of the meeting was to have a deeper and democratic reflection on the model of development of Mozambique.

The conference was held within the context of Mozambique which is prioritizing a model of development based on the private sector, in particular on public-private partnerships, something that, consequently, has caused the arrival of large investments, both national and foreign, in those sectors of agriculture that favor agribusiness, mining and fossil fuel in the main avenues of development such as Maputo, Beira and Nampula.

The participants at the Conference and the organizers of the “No al ProSavana” Campaign analyzed together the national situation, identifying the causes of social inequalities, of discrimination, of the abuses against the rights of the people of Mozambique to have access to and control of their land, the local seeds, water, forests, clean air and to the goods of their common historic-cultural patrimony.

They took the occasion to denounce a model of development that favors agribusiness and to propose the setting up of an alternative model based on the wellbeing of the farmers and of all Mozambicans.

[In attachment, see the text – in Portuguese – of the Declaration of the Third Triangular Conference of Peoples]