Seminar on the Comboni Missionaries Rule of life in Guatemala

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
A seminar on the Rule of Life for the circumscriptions of America, organized by the Central Commission for the re-visitation and revision of the Comboni Missionaries' Rule of Life, is being held at the provincial house of the De La Salle Brothers in Guatemala City on December 4-8, 2017. Present at the seminar are the representatives of all the provinces and delegations of the continent. In the picture, kneeling, Bro. Simone Bauce representing Ecuador; First row from left to right, Fr. Luis Alfredo Pulido (Colombia), Fr. Pasquale Miniero (Guatemala – moderator), Fr. Víctor Hugo Castillo (Provincial PCA – Central Commission), Fr. Damián Bruyel (PCA), Fr. Gabriel Martínez (Mexico – Central Commission), Fr. Alfredo del Toro (PCA), Fr. Carlos Humberto Rodríguez (PCA), Fr. Francisco José Martin (Provincial Peru), Fr. Massimo Ramundo (Brazil), Fr. Romeo Barrios (Ecuador); Behind: Bro. Humberto da Silva Rua (PCA), Fr. Jorge Elias Ochoa (NAP), Fr. Tomás Herreros (Peru).