Monthly Newsletter of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus


26th CONSULTA – 6-30 October 2014


1. Kinshasa-Kimwenza Novitiate (DRC)

Due to the outbreak of Ebola, Chad has delayed entry permits for the six Congolese novices who were due to commence their novitiate in Sarh. After consultations lasting several days, the General Administration has decided to re-open the novitiate at Kimwenza, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The decree for the re-opening explains that this is in response to an emergency situation and is not meant to cast doubt on the arrangement of novitiates in Francophone Africa. Fr. Enzo Bellucco has been appointed as novice master to accompany these novices at Kimwenza. The General Council thanks Fr. Bellucco for his availability as well as the Provincial, Fr. Joseph Mumbere, and his council for their collaboration in finding a solution to this emergency. The novitiate starts on 23 October, 2014. We entrust to St. Daniel Comboni this time of preparation of our novices for consecrated life.

2. Appointments

Fr. Bellucco Enzo is appointed novice master at Kinshasa-Kimwenza novitiate as from 23.10.2014.

Fr. Simoni Giuseppe is appointed socius of the novice master at Kinshasa-Kimwenza novitiate as from 23.10.2014.

3. Journeying towards the XVIII General Chapter

The process for the election of the delegates to the next general Chapter is taking place in all the circumscriptions. We have received the results of the straw ballots and we hope to have the results of the elections in time for the December Consulta in order to proceed with the appointment of the precapitular commission.

During the final days of this Consulta, the General Council continued the work of preparing the Chapter with Bro. Biemmi. The results of this work will be sent out as information to all the circumscriptions in the hope that it may help their preparation.

The continental assemblies in view of the Chapter are planned for the beginning of next year. The members of the General Council will also participate in these meetings and the Assistants are already in communication with the continental coordinators.

We again wish to invite all the members of the Institute to live this time of preparation through reflection, discussion of the proposals and prayer, so that Our Lord may help us to understand what the mission requires of us.

4. The Situation in Central Africa

We continue to follow with concern the situation in Central Africa and all the problems our confreres are facing, together with the people of that country. The process of peace and reconciliation still seems very slow and there are times of danger and suffering.

We thank all our confreres there for their witness of faithfulness and love for the mission and the many people they are accompanying with such great love.

We would ask all the members of the Institute to keep these people, their Church and our confreres and Sisters, who have such a heavy cross to bear, in their prayers. It is our hope that they receive the gift of peace as soon as possible.

5. Formulary for confreres undertaking periods of formation and further studies

To improve the planning of the periods of formation and specialisation offered or requested to some confreres by the Provinces or by the General Administration, we believe it is necessary to draw up a formulary that will help us to define more clearly the purpose of the studies, the time required, expenses, the community to which one belongs and other important points, to better accompany the confreres concerned during these periods of preparation for specific services in the mission.

The formulary will be sent to all circumscription superiors so that agreement may be reached and the necessary dialogue commenced with those involved, right from the start of the proposals of formation, specialisations or special programmes of accompaniment, which can be carried out at the Centre for Ongoing Formation in Rome or in any other suitable place.

6. Workshop on the Plan

In September, in Rome, a workshop was held devoted to reflection on the Plan of Comboni, in the 150th anniversary of its writing. The work lasted one week with all participants showing a good degree of commitment. All the circumscriptions will receive the report of this meeting containing the reflections made and showing some of the priorities recommended for consideration during the preparation for the next General Chapter. The participants gave a positive evaluation of this experience and it was possible to see how up-to-date the Plan still is and how much still remains to be discovered in it for the good of the mission entrusted to us today.

It is to be hoped that the participants will share with the confreres of their circumscriptions the experience and reflection carried out in Rome. We are very pleased to hear that, in some circumscriptions, this is already being organised.

7. Assembly of bursars and procurators

As was planned, the Assembly for Bursars and Procurators of the entire Institute was carried out in Rome in the second half of September. It consisted in times of reflection, formation and discussion. Work was carried out especially on the General Directory for Finance which is due to be presented for approval at the next General Chapter.

In their evaluation of the Assembly, all the participants were happy with the way it was prepared and carried out, resulting in an enriching experience for everyone.

The General Council wishes to express its gratitude to all the participants and to those in charge of the General Economate for the work done in preparing this Assembly and also wishes to thank all the bursars and procurators for the services they render to the mission.

8. Best wishes to provinces

In the course of 2014, various provinces are celebrating the arrival of the first Comboni Missionaries. We join with them in their thanksgiving to Our Lord for all the good accomplished and for the gift of mission, lived with joy by many of our confreres.

In Togo, Congo, Brasil, NAP, Perù and Ethiopia, celebrations were held with moments of mission promotion and reflection on our mission and vocation that led us to appreciate the gift of our Comboni missionary charism. It is our wish that these celebrations may help all Combonians to forge ahead with confidence and courage both now and in the future. Congratulations and thanks for your missionary and Comboni witness.

9. Vademecum on Continentality

At the request of the last Chapter, a commission has prepared a booklet containing all that has been said to date on continentality, with a few useful additions by the commission. The text contains indications to be followed as far as possible and is open to further developments. It is to be sent to all circumscriptions with an explanatory letter by the General Council.

10. Visits and journeys by the GC

Fr. Enrique Sánchez G.

2-15 November 2014: visit to the Province of Kenya

28 December 2014-15 January 2015: visit to Ethiopia

Fr. Alberto Pelucchi

10-20 February 2015: Uganda

Fr. Antonio Villarino

In sede

Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse

10-20 February 2015: Uganda

Bro. Daniele Giusti

1-27 November: Congo

31 December 2014-10 January 2015: Cape Coast for the Financial Course for the scholastics.

Secretary General for Formation

Fr. John Baptist Keraryo Opargiw

Taking an overall view of the persons in formation, we must thank God for the vocations He continues to grant us. It is true that the geography of vocations has moved from the northern to the southern hemisphere but these vocations are the new face of the Comboni Institute and this fact requires of each one of us an attitude of welcoming and fraternal communion.

In general, the situation is good as are the prospects, for the moment, in Africa, especially in Congo, Togo-Ghana-Benin, Malawi-Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda and Kenya. In America, there is a small increase, especially in Mexico, PCA and Brazil. In the elderly continent, vocations are very few. In Asia, after a good start in the Philippines, the number of vocations is now very much reduced.

On the one hand, therefore, the multiplicity of vocations in certain Circumscriptions is a grace and a challenge which invites us all, as an Institute, to invest in prepared and qualified personnel to accompany these young people. On the other, the shortage of vocations in certain Circumscriptions is an opportunity and a challenge that invite us to seek new ways and to render our communities more attractive, more open and more welcoming to young people. God calls also through us. From this derives the fundamental importance of our life-witness, our passion for Christ and our passion for the mission.

Global Statistics 2014/2015

1. Scholastics in Scholasticates: (94)

Africa: 78 (TGB 23, CN 17, M/Z 11, KE 9, U 7, MO 4, TC 3, CAR 2, ET 1, ER 1); America: 8 (Mexico 3, Brasil 2, Peru/Chile 2, PCA 1); Europe: 6 (Italy 4, Poland 1, Portugal 1); Asia: 2 (Philippines 2); Asmara 1, Cape Coast 8, Casavatore 13, Kinshasa 17, Lima 6, Nairobi 24, PMB 12, Sao Paulo 13.

2. Scholastics in the provinces for missionary service and missionary experience: Total Scholastics: 94+17=111 (17, all Africans).

3. Brothers in basic formation and temporary vows: 7+9=16

Africans 10 (5+5), Europeans 3, Latin-Americans 3. In the BTCs: 7 (2 Latin-Americans and 5 Africans). BTC Bogota 4; CBC Nairobi 3; in other locations: 9 (five Africans, 3 Europeans and one Latin-American).

4. Novices

Africa: 61 (58+3), Anglophone Africa and Mozambique 32 (30+2); Francophone  Africa 29 (28+1); America: 10 (9+1), Brasil 2 (1+1), CO 1, Ecuador 1, Mexico 1, NAP 1, Perù 3, PCA 1; Europe: 2 (Portugal 1, Poland 1); Asia: 0. Cotonou 20 (19+1), Sarh 3, Kimwenza 6, Lusaka 8 (7+1), Namugongo 18 (17+1), Santarém 8, Xochimilco 10. Total Novices: 73 (69+4). First Year Anno: 36 (34+2), Second Year: 37 (35+2)

5. Postulants

Africa: 184 (167+17), DCR 40 (31+9), TGB 30 (27+3), MO 26 (24+2), M-Z 26 (24+2), U 20 (19+1), KE 17, ET 13, RSA 3, CH 3, ER 4, EGSD 2; America: 33, Mexico 10, Brasil 3, Peru-Chile 6, PCA 10, CO 4; Europe: 6, Italy 3, Poland 1, Portugal 2; Asia: 3. Total Postulants: 226 (209+17).

6. Perpetual vows 2014: 15 confreres (12 scholastics, 3 Brothers)

7. Ordinations to the priesthood 2014: 19

Perpetual professions

Sc. Majambo Lutumba Placide Petit (CN)   Mapuordit (SS)   12.7.2014

Sc. Mughendi Mwengulo Anatole (CN)      Rome (I)          10.10.2014

Ordinations to the priesthood

Fr. Adanle Abouke Léopold (T)                  Cotonou (BEN)   18.10.2014

Fr. Sohouénou Cakpo Edènan Raoul (T)   Cotonou (BEN)   18/10/2014

Fr. Majambo Lutumba Placide Petit (CN)    Kinshasa (RDC)  26/10/2014

Holy Redeemer Guild

November            01 – 15 SS                16 – 30 T

December            01 – 15 PE                16 – 31 U

Prayer intentions

November – That the Saints in Heaven may support us in our missionary service and obtain for all deceased missionaries the fullness of joy in the vision of the Father. Lord hear us.

December – That all children who meet the missionary men and women of Comboni may always receive from them great respect and be inspired by them to model their lives on the Child Jesus. Lord hear us.


Fr. Pierpaolo Monella and Fr. Victor Wolfer, Chitumbuka Grammar, Montfort Media, Balaka – Malawi 2014. A grammar in nine parts, following the system commonly used in language courses. The words in chitumbuka are followed by the corresponding English translation. “The attention, dedication and time we offer to learning a 'minority language' can only provide fertile ground from which to grow in our ability to reach out to all those people who are easily overlooked, forgotten, ignored or marginalized by the dominant sectors of society.”


World Mission magazine awarded

Added to the number of prestigious awards received by World Mission magazine were another three given by the 36th Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) on October 29, 2014. The trophies are for the following categories: Best Family-Oriented Magazine; Best Short Story, “Oasis of peace and joy” by Fr. David da Costa Domingues; and Special Citation Best Special Feature, “You must announce from the housetops” by Arch. Thomas Menamparampil.

The event took place at the Teatro ng GSIS, Pasay City, under the theme: “Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter.” The theatre was packed with media practitioners whose work was acknowledged and lauded by the Honorary Chairman of the CMMA, Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, who stressed the relevant place of media in evangelization and in building communion today.


Combonians in the urban outskirts of the American continent

The International Scholasticate of Sao Paolo was chosen as the venue for the continental assembly of Combonians working in the urban outskirts of the great cities of the continent.

The choice was not accidental: this scholasticate is, in fact, the oldest centre of formation of the Institute situated in a periphery situation, close to several shanty towns.

From 20 to 23 October, with the presence of the confreres working in the Provinces of Ecuador, Peru/Chile, USA, Mexico and Brazil and in the Delegation of Colombia, of two Comboni Sisters and a representative of the Lay Comboni Missionaries (CLM) of Brasil, a seminar for study and renewed commitment was held for Combonians working in the urban context.

An evangelising presence in the urban context has been a priority in the work of the Provinces of the American continent since 2007; for this reason, the importance of Comboni involvement in the peripheries was once again underlined by those who participated in the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the participants drafted a document of synthesis and dialogue with the confreres of the different circumscriptions of the continent. The participants analysed the situation in the urban peripheries of the continent, highlighting the causes of conflict as well as positive aspects and possibilities, seeking to identify some challenges as regards the identity and the mission of the Comboni community who wish to walk side by side with the ‘rejects’ of the urban world of today.


Symposium in Kinshasa

In the framework of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the presence of the Combonians in Congo, a missionary symposium on the theme: “Comboni, Combonians and the challenges of the mission today”, was held in Kinshasa at the parish of Notre Dame de Fatima from 10 to 12 October.

The first day began with opening greetings from the Provincial, Fr. Joseph Mumbere. This was immediately followed by a conference given by Mgr. Timothée Bodika, Auxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa, on the concretization of the missionary insights of Comboni – and other founding saints – in the local Church of the Democratic republic of Congo.

The following day, the historians Isidore Ndaywel and Fr. Léon de Saint Moulin spoke of the historical facts that characterised evangelisation in the DCR in the past fifty years.

Finally, on Sunday, Fr. Jean-Claude Kobo and Fr. Fernando Zolli dwelt upon the relevance of the Plan of Comboni in the context of the DCR, underlining the great importance of his insight to save Africa with Africa.


Perpetual profession

On 10 October, the solemnity of St Daniel Comboni, around seventy priests celebrated Mass in the Curia chapel to thank God for the gift of our holy Founder. During the solemn Mass, the scholastic, Anatole Mughendi Mwengulo, of the Democratic republic of Congo, pronounced perpetual vows.

In his homily, Fr. Enrique Sánchez G., Superior General, encouraged Anatole to Anatole to look to the testimony of the many confreres, some of whom were present, who loved the mission with a passion that deserved to be imitated. There were present, in fact, about twenty confreres of the over-seventies group following the Comboni Course for the Elderly (CCE).


Comboni Solidarity Feast

The Comboni solidarity feast took place on the most convenient day for us as near as possible to the Feast of St. Daniel Comboni. This year it was the 12th October. The topic was “Brazil – a country with many faces”. The feast began with the celebration of the Eucharist in the morning, presided over by our provincial Fr. Karl Peinhopf. He and Bro. Bruno Haspinger have worked in Brazil. They took the occasion to help us understand better the situation and the people of that huge South American country. A documentary film about the commitment in Brazil of Fr. Robert Sottara, a confrere of the DSP, was also shown.

The Comboni oak-tree

Near our house in Ellwangen-Josefstal, a few days ago, a storm blew down the huge “oak of Comboni” that had been planted in 1975. Naturally the loss of this symbolic tree has caused some regrets in the confreres, though we can now count on a well rooted unity.

Spiritual exercises

This year’s spiritual exercises took place at the Neresheim Abbey from 12th to 17th October, 2014. Nearly half the members of the DSP took part in it. The spiritual exercises were animated by the Bishop emeritus of Limburg diocese, a well-known and courageous person.


Provincial Assembly

The first Provincial Assembly of the newly-erected province of Egypt-Sudan (EGSD) took place from 2- 4 October at the welcoming house of the Comboni Missionary Sisters located in the hills of Mokkotam, Cairo. The new Province has 54 members. Out of 24 members of the Egypt zone, 21 were present, while three were on holiday. Two members represented Sudan: Fr. Angelo Giorgetti, Provincial Superior of EGSD, and Fr. Onesmas Otieno Godfrey. Also present were Fr. Mariano Tibaldo, Secretary General for ’Evangelisation and the Provincial Superior of the Comboni Sisters in Egypt, Sr Angela Colombi.

There were many challenges to be faced. The most pressing one was that of re-defining the identity of the new Province, a new common vision and a plan for the future of the two amalgamated Circumscriptions. The challenges from outside included the delicate situation in Egypt, with its rapid political changes, and, in Sudan, the growing fears due to the problems related to re-entry permits to the country.

The first day was devoted to an analysis of the political and social situation of Egypt today. The second day was a day of prayer while the third and last day was dedicated to practical conclusions so as to guarantee the continuity of service in Egypt-Sudan. The confreres encouraged one another concerning the need for a constant commitment in the field of pastoral activities, instruction and inter-religious dialogue.

The active participation of the confreres and the peaceful and joyful atmosphere during the Assembly were signs of enthusiasm that every confrere seeks to re-affirm, despite the many problems that have to be faced in this troubled part of the world.


Exhibition to mark fifty years of presence

To mark fifty years of presence in Moncada, an exhibition entitled “Africa Opens its Doors” was inaugurated on 25 September. It presents a rich collection of Africa arts and crafts.

The aim of the exhibition is to present to the visitors the situations and values of Africa that are often ignored or little know. A large group of people attended the inauguration among whom were the local authorities, organisation representatives, friends and benefactors.

The exhibition will be open for a year. Visits are conducted and are particularly addressed to pupils, students and various types of associations.

GERT and preparation for the next General Chapter

The European Group for Theological and Pastoral Reflection (GERT) gathered from 29 September to 3 October at the Comboni community of Madrid. Those who took part were the representatives of the European Provinces (Fr. Martin Devenish, Fr. Ramón Eguíluz Eguíluz, Fr. Benito De Marchi, Fr. Alex Zanotelli, Fr. Franz Weber, Fr. Stéphane Kamanga Mutombo and Fr. Fernando Zolli), Fr. Alberto Pelucchi, Vicar General, Sr. Fernanda Cristinelli, Comboni Sister of the Mission ad gentes Secretariat and Prof. Carmelo Dotolo, a lay lecturer and the Gregorian and the Urbanian in Roma.

These were days of intense work, discussion and planning. The group was especially committed to the proposal to draft a programme for the next Symposium at Limone sul Garda (7-11 April 2015), on the theme: “How to be Good News in Europe today. Consolidate-Study-Imagine”. The symposium will aim at providing material those due to attend the 2015 Chapter and will involve all the members of the Comboni family committed to living the mission in Europe.


Afriradio is back on air

The web radio of Nigrizia (Afriradio) is broadcasting informative programmes with a new timetable.

Besides the musical playlist consisting of pieces by African authors, there is also ample space given to information from that continent with a series of programmes broadcast in Italian, English and French, thanks to the cooperation of Vatican Radio.

This is the new timetable of Afriradio

  • 9:00                                           Gr Africa in French
  • 9:30                                           Gr Africa in English
  • 13:30                                         Gr Africa by Nigrizia (Italian)
  • 16:30                                         Gr Africa by Nigrizia (Italian)
  • 18:30                                         “Vatican Viewpoint”
  • 19:00                                         Gr Africa in French
  • 19:30                                         Gr Africa in English
  • 20:00                                         “Français – Afrique”
  • 20:30                                         “English for Africa”
  • 22:15                                         “Magazine” (French)


The Plan today

The Missionary reflection group wanted to mark the 150th anniversary of the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa in a meaningful way. With the help of the Missionary Department of Tangaza University College, the group organised a symposium, lasting two days, on the Plan and its meaning for Africa today.

The first day was entirely dedicated to the Plan and how the Comboni missionaries have drawn inspiration from it. Fr. Maurizio Binaghi presented the historical context, underlining the principal social themes and the challenges of the time in which the Plan was written. The scholastics Augustin Fene-Fene Santime presented the response of the Church to problems such as slavery, poverty, and the lack of evangelisers in the XIX century, while Bro. Jonas Dzinekou Yawovi presented the significance of the Plan for us today.

About a hundred people took part in the symposium, many of whom were students and lecturers at Tangaza College, who expressed their gratitude to the organisers for having wished to share problems that are important for the African Church today. The texts of the various contributions will be published by the Group for Missionary reflection.

Official opening of the Mission Promotion Centre

On 12 October 2014, the Kenyan province gathered to celebrate the feast of St. Daniel Comboni. The date was chosen to coincide with the official launch of the multi-purpose hall of St. Daniel Comboni in the newest Comboni community of the province in Embakasi. The Centre was opened a year ago for missionary promotion activities and has now become a parish to cater for the growing pastoral needs in the area.


Opening of the novitiate year

The European novitiate has officially opened the new year on 10 October with the reception of the new novices and the passage of those of the first year to the second, during the Eucharistic celebration of the solemnity of St Daniele Comboni.

The Mass, with the Provincial presiding, was attended by many people connected to the novitiate and members of the communities of Lisbon and Camarate. Three candidates from Mozambique and one from Portugal were admitted to the first year of the novitiate. Three novices from Mozambique and one from Poland passed to the second year.


Centre for human, pastoral and spiritual formation

On Saturday 11 October 2014, Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro, archbishop of the diocese of Juba, and a Comboni Missionary, together with other bishops and the apostolic administrator, unveiled the project for the construction of a National Centre for Human and Spiritual Formation in the presence of special guests, among whom the EU Ambassador and many religious and Christians. The Centre is to be built by the Religious Association of Superiors of South Sudan (RSASS) in Kit, near our first mission of Rejaf (1919), in the diocese of Juba, just 15 km from the city centre. The chairperson of the association is Fr. Daniele Moschetti, the Provincial.

St. Daniel Comboni’s Feast and the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa

The feast of St. Daniel Comboni in South Sudan and Sudan is always a great event. Besides being a solemnity for the Church in all the dioceses, it is also a moment of holidays and different activities organized by the parishes and other groups in a number of villages and towns. In several of our missions it was a time of great joy and of being together. The Mass was celebrated in Juba, in the Cathedral of St. Theresa, in Kator area, followed by various activities that involved many people.

Fr. Salvatore Pacifico and Sr. Elena Balatti, CMS, in our Comboni House in Juba, in the presence of hundreds of religious, bishops, apostolic administrator, diocesan priests, ambassadors and other friends, presented Comboni’s Plan in a double re-reading from the point of view of the Comboni Missionaries and of the Comboni Sisters. The Eucharist was presided over by Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro who stressed the immense and great work done by our ancestors in the faith in the land of our Funder and the need to continue to follow the steps of those who have preceded us.

“Servants of the Gospel”

This book represented a good occasion for great mission promotion in the parishes of Juba and South Sudan at large. Two thousand copies of the English Edition have already been sold and a re-print was ordered for another 1,500 copies, which are already on sale.

The book, prepared in collaboration with the four provinces of MCCJ and CMS of Sudan and South Sudan, presents the intensive and great work done by St. Daniele Comboni and 40 other missionaries who have followed in his footsteps, following the inspiration of the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa in the last 150 years in these two countries. The same book was also published in Italian, by Editrice Dissensi, with the title “Servitori del Vangelo. The book was presented by Fr. Pacifico Salvatore in a number of Italian towns (Milan, Genoa, Turin, Vicenza, Pescara, Camerino, Macerata…) to parishes or missionary groups that accompany the work of the Comboni Missionaries in South Sudan. The presentation of the book was also a good occasion to speak of the 150 Years of the Plan for the Regeneration of Africa and to present the current situation of South Sudan.



The Province of Togo-Ghana-Benin has celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the arrival of the first Comboni missionaries in Togo (1964-2014). Three books were published for the occasion.

“Témoins de l’Évangile” is the story of the past fifty years of Comboni presence in Togo and the past forty years in Ghana and Benin.

“Si le grain de blé” presents the biography of the 27 confreres already in the glory of the Father who spent their lives in TGB.

“Evangélisation et Parole de Dieu” is the Acts of the missionary symposium celebrated at Lome on 16 and 17 May, 2014.

A day of ongoing formation

On 9 October, the community Superiors gathered at the Provincial House for a day of ongoing formation together with the Provincial Council. The moderator for the day was Fr. Gaetano Montresor who shared with the confreres the experience of the workshop on the Plan of Comboni that took place in Rome in September.

Feast of St Daniel Comboni

On 10 October, Comboni confreres and Sisters, together with our postulants, novices and scholastics gathered at Lome Cacaveli for the solemnity of St Daniel Comboni. The provincial Superior presented the Plan for Combonians today in TGB, starting with the work of programming the six-year plan and the Jubilee Assembly of 2014, containing the broad outlines for the coming years. The preparation for the 2015 Chapter was officially launched. The renewed provincial website has also been set up again.

Conclusion of the Jubilee

On 11 October, 2014, we met at the Comboni parish of Tabligbo (diocese of Aneho) to close the Golden Jubilee of our presence in Togo. Together with Mgr. Isaac Gaglo, Bishop of Aneho, there were diocesan and Comboni priest concelebrants. The Bishop reminded the Christian community of the work of many Comboni missionaries in the evangelisation of the diocese and thanked them wholeheartedly for the work they did throughout the past fifty years of history. He also called for renewed missionary commitment in line with the invitation of Pope Francis to reach out to the frontiers of the world.

After his homily, the Bishop blessed a crucifix carved by the sculptor Felix di Afanya, of the school of Bro. Santi, which had been placed in the apse of the church to mark the Jubilee. After Mass, the Bishop presented the crucifix to seven Comboni missionaries departing for the mission: Fr. Agbetiafa Fabrice (PCA), Fr. Bamana Christophe (Benin), Fr. Badatana Salomon (SS), Bro. Tsoklo Simon (Italia), Fr. Soedjede Augustin (Brasile), Fr. Djago Paul (South Africa) and Fr. Elisée Laye (Peru).

Ordinations to the priesthood

On 18 October, at Cotonou, in the Comboni parish of Fidjrosse, Raoul Sohouénou and Léopold Adanle were ordained to the priesthood at the hands of Mgr. Antoine Ganye, Archbishop of Cotonou. On the eve of World Missions day, the ordinations were a powerful testimony for the many young people who attended the celebration which also forms part of the Silver Jubilee of Comboni presence in Cotonou. Fr. Raoul and Fr. Leopold will work for some time in TGB.

Let us pray for our beloved dead

THE FATHERS: Augustin, di Fr. Justin Dossou Yovo (U); Natale, of Fr. Tonino G. Pasolini (U).

IL BROTHERS: Jesús and José, of Fr. Crisóforo Contreras Ramírez (M).

THE MOTHERS: Zoila, of Fr. Pedro S. Tacuri Samaniego (SS); Maria das Dores, of Bro. José Francisco Duarte da Cunha Neto (P).

THE SISTERS: Gilberta, of Fr. Guglielmo Maffeis (U); Luigia, of Fr. Giuseppe Mariani (†).

THE COMBONI MISSIONARY SISTERS: Sr. Alma Domenica Melzani; Sr. M. Ada Bosco; Sr. Maria Carla Lui.