Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Sad news. He was 62 years old. The Cancer won, as always! We lost a friend here on earth. Now let us pray for him and his family. It was on 9 September last that we were informed, in Rome, that Brother Paulo Luís Correia Aragão had left for the Father's house. Fr. Feliz da Costa Martins, Comboni missionary in Sudan, wrote a poem which we publish below.

Brother Paulo Luís Correia Aragão (25/01/1957 - 9/09/2019).


Dear Paulo, my mission companion,
I remember once you told me you would die before long.
And you saw me smile, as I tried to repel the bad omen of yours:
“No, it’s not true,
You still have much to give for the Sudan,
You still have much to give for the Mission”.

That bad angel persecuted you arrogantly and assaulted you on your way.
There was a fierce wrestle and his advantage was far high.
He forced you out of the Sudan.
Doctors and friends who saw you moribund in the Great Lisbon’s Hospital
shaked their heads: no more hope for you.
Nevertheless, you plucked up courage and strength of a lion
and unchained yourself from your deathbed.
And we saw you back again joyfully with us in your dear mission of Sudan.

The angel disappeared from your way.
Not for long, though. Then, again, he attacked you.
But this time he carried no sickle or sword. He was pure God’s grace.
I imagine you thanked God from the bottom of your heart for coming to you.
Yes, I approved, but why so soon?!
Oh, dear Paulo, how much we wished you’d remain still with us for some more time on earth!

However, God, in his infinite love, made His voice heard
And we came to know the real good news for you:
Brother Paulo, missionary of Comboni, the Mssion was and will always be your destination.
But on this day, here and now, is the Great Change Station.

Give me your hand.
Let us cross to the other shore
On the other shore you will find your Sudan.
On the other shore you find your Mission.
On the other shore… where Happiness and the Mission will never ever end!
Welcome, Brother Paulo!

Feliz da Costa Martins
Khartum, Sudan

Funeral Mass by Brother Paulo Luís Correia Aragão in Khartoum (Sudan).