Comboni Lay Missionaries: The beginning of a new formation year in Poland


Saturday, October 15, 2022
On the last weekend of September, we formed ourselves to go on missions. This is quite a nice way to start the fall: with God and with the community. A special event also took place during the meeting: Edyta and Staszek, a married couple with three children, officially joined the Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM) movement. (CLM)

There were many of us, also Comboni’s friends came. Together, we shared the missionary vocation at its various stages: we, still naive and inexperienced, those who returned with our colorful stories, and brothers, fathers, sisters moderately enthusiastic, with a healthy hint of sarcastic skepticism.

The topic of the meeting was the calling. Let’s make an agreement: discerning one’s vocation is not new. Most of us pursue a calling to the state. It was good to listen to each other’s experience. God speaks a little differently to everyone, He is amazingly creative. Let us hope that this exchange of experiences and sitting with God in the chapel will help us discover the Father’s proposals for our lives.