Saturday, September 6, 2014
The Continental Assembly of Mission Promotion of America-Asia took place at the provincial house of Xochimilco, Mexico, on August 25-30, 2014. Twenty Comboni Missionaries and three Comboni Sisters attended and all the circumscriptions were represented. The customary introductions and logistics announcements were taken care of on the 25th. There followed a day of input from in-house experts which turned out to be very informative. (See attachment in Spanish).


Fr. Rafael González Ponce,
provincial superior
of Ecuador.


The second part of the Assembly was given to the reports from the various provinces and from the Comboni Sisters, with plenty of time given for comments and clarifications. The participants then moved on to an examination of the current reality and the updating of the continental plan of MP.

The final session was reserved to the approval of a number of resolutions. The liturgical celebrations and morning prayers were shared by representatives of various provinces and the Sisters. The assembly ended with a day-long outing to the Shrine of Guadalupe and to some of the city’s highlights. The hospitality of our Mexican brethren was spectacular.