Saturday, October 10, 2015
“Dear Confreres: Greetings on behalf of the new General Council and all the general administration. Happy Feast day of our Father and Founder and Apostle of Africa Saint Daniel Comboni, who invites us to be happy and grateful for our missionary and Comboni vocation.”
Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse and his General Council.

Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse,
new General Superior.

“It is with the greatest pleasure, O dear mama, that I can tell you how well I am. In Verona, in Jerusalem and in many places there are many people and monasteries who are praying for us and for our mission; but to tell you the truth, I lay greater store by a few of your Hail Marys, because they come from a heart which has sacrificed itself for the glory of God. Therefore be constant in your generosity; always be joyful and, in every temptation to lack in faith or in any other, turn your mind to the Sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross. Even we are always joyful; and whenever the enemy of salvation calls to mind the pain of our separation and what you went through (for that is always in our mind) we turn our eyes to the sufferings of Jesus Christ and so many Apostles and Missionaries, and thus we can rejoice.”
(Writings of Comboni, 175-176).

“And now, before imparting my blessing, I would like to say something that is not written here, but is in my heart: I always, always, had a great admiration for you, for the work you do, for the risks you face. I have always felt this great admiration. Thank you!” (Pope Francis to the Comboni Missionaries, 01/10/2015).

From left, new General Council with the Pope Francis: Fr. Jeremias Martins; Fr. Pietro Ciuciulla;
Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse; Fr. Rogelio Bustos; and Bro. Alberto Lamana.