Bishop Raphael Wokorach Visited the Comboni Communities in North America


Saturday, May 20, 2023
Earlier this month Bishop Raphael Wokorach, mccj of Nebbi Diocese in Uganda visited the Comboni communities in North America. On May 3, he shared his story with the staff and volunteers at the Cincinnati Mission Center. In his diocese, there are 22 parishes. Within each parish there might be 60 outstations, or chapels.

These are all served by just 65 priests. Even though it might be a month between visits from a priest, the people are growing in faith. More than 1,000 catechists support the chapels and people. The area is very rural with limited access to electricity and water. Despite the challenges, Bishop Wokorach is happy to serve the people of Nebbi. "God’s protection and providence gives us hope. People still go on living,” he said.

[Comboni Missiopnaries – NAP]