Tuesday, July 10, 2018
The Comboni delegates of Latin America (provincial mission secretaries and others) met in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on July 8-9, 2018 to share reports on the missionary activity in the circumscriptions of Latin America, to pick the best ways of cooperation in the various areas of mission such as evangelization and specific pastoral activities, youth pastoral, activities of ongoing formation, means of communication, mission promotion and to set up the Continental Council for Mission. This meeting came ahead of the 5th American Missionary Congress (CAM), due to take place, always in Santa Cruz, on July 10-14.

The first part of July 8 was given to the sharing of our missionary experiences and of the priorities of each circumscription. In the second part of the day, we attempted to evaluate our continental priorities. Then the Secretary General for Mission (GMS) explained the work of his Secretariate and proposed ways where the various secretariates for mission could cooperate with the GMS.

On the following day, various outlines of activity and cooperation were proposed. Of interest was the proposal of the establishment of a continental work group that will study social networks and find ways of cooperation. Then, Fr. Dario spoke on the social network REPAM (Red Eclesial PanAmazonica) in the context of the upcoming Synod for the Amazons, scheduled for 2019, and on the network Iglesias y Minería. In the afternoon, the Mission Secretary General, Fr. Mariano Tibaldo, proposed some points for reflection based on the apostolic exhortation The Joy of the Gospel. The new Continental Council for Mission (CCM) was then formed. This council is a tool of continental dialogue, but also a help in turning into practice the proposals of the various continental assemblies of this sector in the concrete situation of each circumscription.

In his letter to the participants, Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse, superior general, underlined the importance that these two events, namely the continental meeting of the Comboni delegates and the CAM, may have positive consequences for the circumscriptions that will show in the commitment to spur the confreres in sharing their passion for mission and in encouraging them to cooperate at all levels in mission. The ability to cooperate and to be in communion, in fact, is the modern face of mission.

In the picture: Kneeling from the left: Frs. López Camones Edison Elías (Peru), Paucar Simbaña Sergio Ivan (Ecuador), Tibaldo Mariano (Rome), Balasso Vincenzo (Ecuador). Second row from left: Frs. Cerda Contreras Mario (Mexico), Carbonero Mogollón Pedro Percy (Peru), Rodríguez Cascante Carlos Humberto (PCA), Martínez Pérez Justino (Brazil), García Castillo Jorge Oscar (Mexico). Back row from left: Frs. Dunn Álvarez Henry Oswaldo (PCA), Bossi Dario (Brazil), Bro. João Paulo da Rocha Martins (Brazil).