Sunday, June 7, 2015
The pre-Chapter commission, very well received by the community of the Curia in Rome, began its work. Working since Monday, June 1st, are: Fr. Rogelio Bustos Juárez (Mexico, coordinator of the Commission), Fr. John Richard Kyankaaga Ssendawula (Egypt-Sudan), Fr. Joseph Mumbere Musanga (Congo), Fr. Peter Ciuciulla (Chad), Fr. José da Silva Vieira (Portugal), Fr. Miguel Pedro Andrés (Spain), Bro. Alberto Degan (Italy), Fr. Dario Bossi (Brazil). The biggest challenge will be to prepare the Instrumentum Laboris for the XVIII General Chapter of the Institute.

The first challenge is to get acquainted with the different reports, proposals and reflections that have arrived in these last months of preparation to the Chapter from the General Administration, Continents, Circumscriptions and individual confreres. We’re reading everything with care and concern not to overlook anything, but at the same time to facilitate as much as possible the analysis, discernment and the prospects that will be examined and treated by the Chapter.

The atmosphere among us is one of reciprocal listening and serenity. While there might not always be a convergence of ideas and methods, we are advancing patiently and respectfully, in the composition of different views.

In this first week we have worked on the revision of the Bylaws, trying to make them an effective instrument of the Chapter, easy to understand and apply, allowing an organized flow and possibly not very cumbersome. These bylaws will be subjected to revision by the capitulars already at an early stage during the preparatory week (31 August – 4 September).

We have also started thinking about the draft program for this first week and the successive phases of the Chapter. It is a laborious and attentive endeavor upon which our focus will be directed during the next weeks of our work here.

The biggest challenge, then, will be to prepare the Instrumentum Laboris for the Chapter. We have begun thinking about it, and this will be our main focus next week.

For the last three days, we have worked with Bro. Enzo Biemmi whom the General Direction, following the advice of the Intercapitular, has proposed as the facilitator to the Chapter. We are very satisfied with his style, reserved yet attentive and competent.

On Thursday, June 4, we celebrated Corpus Christi with Pope Francis (and many other priests!), In communion with all of you confreres, imagining a journey with your community in the diverse situations in which we the Combonis are present. We continue this communion and ask the Spirit of the Risen Christ to open for us the paths of life and prophecy.