Sunday, June 28, 2015
Dear Confreres, the Pre-Capitular Commission has concluded the first phase of its work. It has been a busy month, with mutual knowledge and progressive understanding of the Chapter mechanisms. We thank all of you who, at different levels, have contributed with your thoughts, experiences and suggestions. We have tried to make use as much as possible of the materials received and to facilitate the process of the Chapter, which is ongoing and will continue with the gathering of all the capitulars in Rome at the end of August.

In this past week, we have put together the Thematic Synthesis for Discernment, adjusted the program of the Chapter and worked on translations of different materials, which will be delivered to the Capitulars at the beginning of the preparatory week.

Together with Fr. Arlindo Pinto, we have come out with some proposals on how to communicate the proceedings of the Chapter, especially through the official website (

We came together with the General Council to present the work done, talk about it and the prospects of the Chapter. We also remain available to each and every of you, keeping communication open until the first days of the Chapter, when we will formally conclude our work as Pre-capitular commission. You can always contact us at (

In this same week, we celebrated together with the community of the Curia the 50th anniversary of priesthood of Frs.  Torquato Paolucci and Danilo Cimitan, in communion with other confreres in the various Circumscriptions who, with these two, commemorate the Lord's fidelity to our vocation. Encountering our senior confreres, who conserve love for the mission and the joy of the Gospel, renews our hope.

With this spirit, let us together prepare ourselves for the Chapter, asking that the Lord of Life accompanies and guides us.
The Pre-Capitular Commission

The pre-Chapter commission, from left to right: Fr. José da Silva Vieira (Portugal); Fr. Miguel Pedro Andrés (Spain);
Fr. Rogelio Bustos Juárez (Mexico, coordinator of the Commission); Fr. Peter Ciuciulla (Chad);
Fr. Joseph Mumbere Musanga (Congo); Fr. Dario Bossi (Brazil); Bro. Alberto Degan (Italy);
and Fr. John Richard Kyankaaga Ssendawula (Egypt-Sudan).