Saturday, September 26, 2015
The Chapter is about to enter its final week. A decisive moment not only for the delegates but also for all the confreres in the various circumscriptions who are waiting to know the guidelines issued after a month of evaluation and programming that should guide the Institute in the next six years. Meanwhile, tomorrow, the day of the Lord, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, prefect of Propaganda Fide, will preside at the Eucharist in the main chapel of the Generalate to help us rediscover the universal dimension of our commitment, in close association with the universal evangelizing mission of the Church. In the picture: Fr. Mariano Tibaldo, Fr. Miguel Angel Llamazares, e Bro. Friedbert Tremmel.


Fr. Tesfamichael


The week that has just ended – 21 to 26 September – saw the Chapter delegates focus on reflection and discernment about the three priority themes of the Mission, Person and Reorganization, with the intent to formulate concrete operational decisions. At first all together they discussed and adopted the text prepared by the Special Commission, which was entrusted with the task of drawing up the initial message of the Chapter Acts, to inspire the members of the Institute to the renewal and the rediscovery of our Comboni missionary vocation. Subsequently, the Chapter members, divided into three groups, each charged with developing one of the three selected topics, presented their text in the assembly hall for discussion and returned to work as a team to improve it, based on suggestions made by the Capitulars. The revised texts were again presented in the assembly hall to be voted on point by point with an absolute majority. This process will end on Monday, September 28, with the final approval of the final text of the Chapter. A text that, by the express will of the delegates and the desire of many confreres should not be long but limited to the essential aspects regarding the chosen topics.

Next week will be decisive also in another sense: from Tuesday, September 29, the voting for the election of the Superior General and his four Assistants will start. The Chapter delegates, on the basis of the guidelines issued and the promptings of the Spirit, will be eligible to vote for the team that will lead the Institute until 2021 to live with greater fidelity and creative spirit our Comboni charism in a world thirsting for a message of joy and liberation. We ask again, therefore, all the confreres in this decisive phase to continue to pray for the success of the Chapter.

Bro. Daniele Giusti and Fr. Juan Armando Goicochea.

Fr. Pedro Andrés Miguel and Fr. Ramón Alberto Vargas Egüez.

Fr. Giovanni Munari, Fr. Julio Ocaña Iglesias, Fr. Pedro Andrés Miguel and Fr. Pietro Ciuciulla.