2018: Year of the Rule of Life

Rome, January 2018
To bring to completion the “Guide to the Implementation of the XVIII General Chapter”, pp. 18-19, Italian version, the year 2018 shall be dedicated to the Rule of Life. May the Lord Jesus, through the intercession of Mary and of St. Daniel Comboni, accompany us in this journey of the Institute which, unlike the [...]
Mercoledì 17 gennaio 2018
Il prossimo triennio per i Missionari Comboniani sarà un tempo dedicata alla rivisitazione e revisione della loro Regola di Vita (RdV), secondo le indicazioni del Capitolo generale del 2015. Per il 2018, il primo compito a cui sono chiamati i missionari è la rivisitazione della RdV. Per questo [...]
Rome, January 2018
As we begin the New Year of 2018, dedicated to revisiting and revising the Rule of Life, we turn to each one of you to encourage you to enter into this process with a spirit that is free and open to God’s surprises. We believe that this process, inspired by the Holy Spirit through the Chapter event (“revisiting and [...]