Rodzina Kombonianska

W ciagu swego zycia Komboni zalozyl dwa Instytuty, meski i zenski. Czlowiek ten o silnej osobowosci posiadajacy wlasny charyzmat uznany przez Kosciol byl rowniez inspiracja powstania innych fundacji i ruchow.

The centrality of mission and with it the role of the laypeople, the ministerial service of the Church and the Comboni charism lived in a “lay” dimension, Comboni’s example and the demand of the new mission, are the main criteria and motivations which animate the Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM). The CLM are single or married [...]
Founded by Comboni in 1972 with the name of Pious Mothers of the Nigritia (i.e. Africa), are an exclusively missionary Institute of women consecrated to God for the mission ad gentes, according to the prophetic intuition of Comboni who felt the need to integrate consecrated women in the evangelising mission of the Church. They are present in [...]
The reasons for their existence are the coming of the Kingdom and the promotion of human and Christian values. They share – as laywomen – the situations of the life of the people of their times in order to leaven the human situations and orient them towards the Gospel. They spend their lives announcing the Good News to those who do not [...]
The first name, given by the Founder in 1867, was Institute for the Missions of Nigritia (i.e. Africa). In 1885 it became a religious Congregation under the name of Sons of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (FSCJ). After the first world war the Congregation split into two branches: the Italian group kept the name of FSCJ, the German group took the name [...]
Saturday, November 18, 2017
“Dear Confreres, Sisters and Comboni Lay Missionaries: The beauty and joy of the encounter encourages us to open new paths in the collaboration among the Institutes founded by Comboni or which he has inspired. (…) As we gathered as Comboni Family on June 2, 2017, at the annual meeting of the General [...]