Saturday, March 28, 2015
We are approaching the end of the World Social Forum 2015 in Tunis. The chilly and windy weather disturbed the participation and the attendance to the different conferences and this was affected by the unfavorable atmospheric condition, but as Comboni Network we tried our best to be present in them. The World Social Forum ends today with the assemblies of convergence and the March final in the afternoon. Tomorrow, the day will be dedicated to the Comboni Forum that aims to share the challenges that the WSF present to the missionary pastoral activity in the countries and continents where they minister.

Yesterday the Comboni missionaries and Comboni sisters offered three workshops: one on climate change, facilitated by Fr. John Converset, “Our home is threatened… by us! Global climate change.” The second workshop was facilitated by Sr. Annamaria Sgaramella with a team of Our Lady of Africa Sisters: “Cultures and Religions: factors of conflict or dialogue for peace?”. Eventually, Fr. Dario Bossi facilitated a workshop on the “Role of the Churches in mining”, especially in the Latin American context. The 26th March Fr. Jean Claude Kobo and Fr. Joseph Mumbere spoke on the topic “Democratic Republic of the Congo: no more armaments against defenseless people”.

Fr. Jean Claude,
and Fr. Mumbere

spoke on the topic
“D.R. of the Congo:
no more armaments
against defenseless people”.

The stand of the Comboni Network was very much visited, so much so that by the mid of the last day all the materials had been given out. Many people were enquiring about the nature of our work and showed interest and sympathy to us.

After celebrating the Eucharist and having supper together, as Comboni Family we meet in the evenings, divided by continents, to talk about our impressions on the day and our intuitions in view of a final message on our participation in the World Social Forum 2015. There is a positive atmosphere of sharing and collaboration among us, and the hope that we are able to bring back to our places of origin what we have experienced here.

Fr. John Converset.