Intercapitular 2012

Roma, sabato 14 luglio 2012La prossima Assemblea Intercapitolare (Roma 2-22 settembre 2012) sarà uno dei momenti importanti del nostro cammino comboniano di servizio alla missione e un’occasione per valutare a che punto siamo riguardo all’applicazione del Capitolo Generale del 2009. La nostra Regola di Vita ci ricorda che [...]
Rome, Thursday, July 19, 2012We are already at the vigil of the Intercapitular Assembly (Rome, 2nd to 22th September, 2012) and we are continuing to prepare ourselves for this important moment in the life of the Institute. Speaking as General Council, we hope that the Assembly may be a time of profound sharing that will help us to better [...]
Rome, Monday, September 2, 2012With a prayer of invocation to the Holy Spirit, the Superior General of the Comboni Missionaries, P. Enrique Sánchez González, on the morning of Sunday, September 2, in Rome, opened the Intercapitular Assembly. “The days of the Intercapitular (...) will be days of work, sharing, reflection; but I [...]
Roma, lunedì 3 settembre 2012Ieri, dopo il saluto di benvenuto ai 46 partecipanti all’Assemblea Intercapitolare – che si svolgerà dal 2 al 22 settembre a Roma – si è passati dalla sala capitolare alla cappella della Casa Generalizia per celebrare l’Eucaristia di apertura dell’Assemblea. Il [...]
Rome, Tuesday, September 4, 2012Fr. Josep Maria Abella Battle, 63 year old, superior general of the Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Claretians) has helped the 49 provincials and members of the General Administration of the Comboni Missionaries, gathered in Intercapitular Assembly (2-22 September) in Rome, to reflect on the topic [...]
Rome, Wednesday September 5, 2012The superior general, Fr. Enrique Sánchez González, started yesterday to present to the Intercapitular Assembly the journey accomplished by the Institute during these last three years. In the afternoon, the secretary general of Evangelization, Fr. Mariano Tibaldo, of Mission promotion, Fr. Garcia [...]
Rome, Thursday September 6, 2012The activities of the Intercapitular Assembly of yesterday, September 4 in Rome continued with the listening of the reports. Reports were presented by the general secretary of Vocation Promotion and Basic Formation, Fr. Opargiw John Bsptist Keraryo, and of the Economy, Fr. Claudio Lurati. Then followed the Secretary [...]
Rome, Monday, September 10, 2012The morning of September 6, the fifth day of the Intercapitular, started with the celebration of the Eucharist by continental groups: a good occasion to bring to the altar of the Lord the geographical and human reality of each of the places where the Comboni Missionaries are present. (Photo from left: Fr. [...]
Rome, Monday September 10, 2012The activities of the Intercapitular Assembly of Friday, September 7, were centered on the reflection on the theme of “Continentality.” Bro. Daniele Giusti gave a brief historical summary of how we have arrived to this theme and of the results of the “questionnaire on continentality.” In the [...]
Rome, Tuesday, September 11, 2012Fr. Mariano Tibaldo, secretary general of evangelization, presented yesterday to the Intercapitular Assembly the document titled “Ratio Missionis: experiences and reflections.” This document was put together by a commission requested by the General Chapter of 2009. There followed a brief debate over the [...]
Rome, Wednesday September 12 2012The morning of September 11 Fr. John Baptist Keraryo Opargiw (in the photo), secretary general of basic formation, presented three themes that the Intercapitular Assembly should evaluated and reach some conclusions. The themes are: the Missionary Service of the scholastics, before and after their theological [...]
Rome, Wednesday, September 12, 2012Two themes kept busy the Intercapitular assembly of September 12: the Deontological Code (DC) and the Total Common Fund (TCF). Both themes aim “to promote an attitude of availability and commitment for one’s own renewal and spiritual and human growth in every confrere, deepening the knowledge of being [...]
Rome, Saturday 15 September 2012The work of the Intercapitular of the Comboni Missionaries spent two days (13 and 14 September) on the theme “Clustering of circumscriptions.” The Superior General of the Institute of the Missionaries of Africa, Father Richard Baawobr (in the photo), told the Assembly the experience of the restructuring [...]
Rome, Monday 17 September 2012Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, yesterday visited the Comboni Missionaries at their Intercapitular Assembly being held in Rome from 2 to 22 of September. His Eminence presided over the Eucharist, followed by a brief meeting with the missionaries in the chapter [...]
Rome, Tuesday 18 September 2012The last week of the work of the Intercapitular of the Comboni Missionaries, which is taking place in Rome till Friday, September 21, began yesterday with the sharing of Fr. Venanzio Milani (pictured) on the activities of the Commission for the Rule of Life, which he co-ordinated. In the afternoon, Fr. Tesfaye [...]
Rome, Wednesday 19 September 2012The Intercapitular Assembly of the Comboni Missionaries, at three days from its conclusion, has reached the time to mobilize the superiors of the circumscriptions to find a practical way forward for the next three years of the Institute’s activities. They have taken stock of situation of what was said in the [...]
Rome, Friday, 21 September 2012The Intercapitular Assembly devoted the whole day of 19 and the morning of 20 to the preparation of the next General Chapter in 2015. Fr. Mariano Tibaldo and Fr. Antonio Villarino presented the research that both of them have made about the methodology and the statutes followed by other Institutes in their Chapters. [...]
Rome, Friday, September 21 2012“… We manifest our deep emotion and indignation for the premature death of so many of our migrant brothers and sisters in the waters of the Mediterranean,” write the Comboni Missionaries gathered in Rome for the Intercapitular Assembly that ended yesterday. We publish here below the complete text [...]
Rome, Thursday, November 22, 2012During the Consulta of October, the General Council (GC) took time to reflect on the important event of the Intercapitular Assembly that took place September 2012. The GC communicates the result of this reflection in a letter addressed to all confreres and which will be added to the publication of the [...]