Articoli e dossier tematici

"Your good will be my good and your anguish will also be mine. I intend to make common cause with each one of you, and the happiest of my days will be the one on which I will be able to give my life for you"
"Night and day, sun and rain, will find me equally and always ready to help in your spiritual needs: the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, the young and the old, the master and the servant will always have equal access to my heart".
The mission of Central Africa is God's work, because it is marked by the adorable seal of the cross; comparable to the holiest works of God, which from the first centuries of the Church have sprung up to gladden and embellish the venerable Spouse of Christ. In this great work God's finger is evident and clear"
"The missionary must be ready for anything: joy and sadness, life and death, embrace and rejection: Our life is a mixture of pain and gladness, of woes and hopes, of sufferings and comforts" "My missionaries, my five Verona Sisters (they are real angels), my craftsmen and I are happiest people on earth, because we are all in the hands of God, of [...]