Daniel Comboni had earned the complete confidence of the people at Propaganda Fide who could see in the missionary Institutes he had founded an assurance for continuity in the apostolic work. On 11 June 1872 Pope Pius IX entrusted the mission of Central Africa to Comboni. On 2 July 1877 Comboni was named Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa and on 12 August he was consecrated Bishop, with the see of Khartoum as his residence.
In the poster, the photo shows today’s Cathedral of Khartoum (Sudan), which is now the see of the Sudanese archbishop Mgr. Gabriel Zubeir Wako. Comboni’s Plan to save Africa with Africa is becoming a reality.

From his Writings:
“To this Institute the Holy See has entrusted our Vicariate Apostolic. To the Institute for future apostles of Africa I have added a second one, namely that of the ‘Pie Madri della Nigrizia’ to provide teachers for the girls in our missions.
Up to now many missionaries have left for Central Africa from both Institutes.”
Report to the Committee Marievierin, Delen, 1875, Writing n. 3988.

“It must be noted that this Vicariate is the most difficult and arduous of all the missions in the world and that we have had almost always to fight against a deadly climate, terrible diseases and death itself, much more than in any other mission areas of Africa.”
Letter to cardinal Giovanni Simeone, Khartoum 3 October 1881, Writing n. 7235.