Monthly newsletter of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus


Consulta of June 2007
General Notes
Secretary General
. Fr. Umberto Pescantini has taken over the office of secretary general as from 1st June 2007. The GC once again thanks Fr. Giuseppe Sandri for the work done with commitment and generosity.
Personnel. The general Council has only appointed those confreres who were in dialogue or waiting for a decision since the Consulta of March. Appointments were, indeed, few. We are in a time of elections for provincials and delegates, so the GC has deemed prudent not to touch the lists of the circumscriptions.
General Chapter 2009. The GC, together with the secretaries general, has spent large part of this Consulta in discussing and programming the General Chapter 2009. The overview of this General Chapter is taking an ever clearer outline. In October the GC will send out proposals, ideas and directives to all the circumscriptions.
Ratio Missionis. We have entered the new phase in the process of the RM, namely the phase of discerning together. As already mentioned, we shall focus on three areas: spirituality, identity/charism and mission/evangelisation. We look at the future with an attitude of thanks to God and to every confrere for the good results we have achieved in the first phase. We trust that the provincial councils and their secretariats will carry on this process with commitment. There will be obstacles and difficulties. This is the time to stick together and to help one another on the journey we have undertaken.
Financial matters. The GC has approved the financial report 2006. The GC has continued to reflect on the financial structure of the Institute, on the present guidelines and on the proposals for the future. We intend to continue our journey of “evangelising our economy”, so that we may transform our goods in mission. In our proposals we remind everyone of what the General Chapter 2003 says: “The selfish use of material goods is an obstacle to living a community vision of mission” (CA ’03, 102).
Meeting with the General Council of the Comboni Missionary Sisters. We have dealt with issues of mutual cooperation.
Code of Conduct. The general Council has prepared a letter of “foreword” to the Code of Conduct and has decided to open an email address, run by the coordinator of OGF, to help in its understanding and implementation.
Visits and journeys by the members of the General Council
Fr. Teresino Serra
: from 7 to 24 July will be in Ethiopia to give a spiritual retreat and to visit the delegation; from 6 to 31 August will be in Peru and DCA to visit and give a spiritual retreat.
Fr. Fabio Carlo Baldan: during the month of July will be in Rome; in September will visit the DSP.
Fr. Odelir José Magri: from 9 to 24 July will take part in the assembly of provincial and delegate superiors of America and Asia in Chicago (10-12 July) and visit the province of the NAP; from 9 August to 25 September will visit the province of Congo.
Fr. Tesfamariam Ghebrecristos Woldeghebriel: from 9 to 24 July will take part in the assembly of provincial and delegate superiors of America and Asia in Chicago (10-12 July) and visit the province of the NAP.
Bro. Umberto Martinuzzo: from 8 to 24 July will visit the province of Ethiopia; from 24 to 31 July will take part in the meeting for English-speaking formators at Layibi (U); from 31 July to 5 August will take part in the meeting for French-speaking formators at Cotonou, Bénin (T).

Secretariat of Evangelization – Ratio Missionis
“Discernment” Meeting at Ellwangen on the RM

The meeting was held From 27 May to 2 April, 2007, for Europe-based animators. All the provinces were represented. Fr. Enrique Javier Rosich Vargas, Fr. Giacomo Palagi and Fr. Fausto Beretta were the moderators.
The group quickly entered the dynamics of common discernment, despite the difficulty of having to speak in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. The language was certainly no obstacle to understanding and becoming attuned to one another, something which words cannot express. The meeting helped the participants to listen and to share and to commit themselves completely, right from the start.
At first, some were worried at the sight of all the working material presented, but soon saw clearly that the important thing was to understand the method and engage in the experience; others spoke of their concern at feeling “detached” from the group (as this was their first meeting on the RM). In spite of this, everyone soon felt they were part of the process.
Being made to feel welcome by the province, the friendship, the effort made to listen and to pray made all the difference in achieving a sincere and spontaneous input of information. The times of silence and prayer helped towards understanding the work and expressing oneself freely and respectfully.
Everyone felt part of the process, “all in the same boat” and rowing in the same direction. No divisions like “ours” or “yours” arose. Instead there emerged a common journey to be undertaken together for the good of the Institute.
The various moments were well balanced: work, reflection, prayer and recreation. In order to create an atmosphere of fraternity and trust, it is important to provide opportunities to meet that are not just concerned with work.
To share one’s life and to feel that one is listened to with attention, is an acknowledgement that the Holy Spirit is present in the history of each one of us and that our greatest riches consist in those confreres through whom God is speaking to us. The participants “felt” the richness which exists in the confreres whom they had not yet known sufficiently well before.
The team succeeded in animating and being present without dominating. In fact, it was realised that the real leader of this journey is the group itself (there are no teachers but we are all disciples, learning discernment together). The importance of the provinces and delegations choosing a suitable secretary for this work was emphasised: not improvising or electing the first person who comes along, but one who is experiencing this process.

Discernment meeting of the Curia on the RM
The Curia community met from 18 to 20 June, 2007, in Rome. The members thus began the discernment experience of the second phase of the RM. The meeting was led by Fr. Enrique Javier Rosich Vargas and Fr. Fausto Beretta.
One of the characteristics of this community is the plurality of services and the variety of its members. After an introduction, those present exercised discernment on two of the fundamental aspects regarding our spirituality and our identity.
During the discernment meeting, it was possible to live in a climate of communion and growing interest. As a result of the times of silent prayer and personal sharing, the members soon began to feel they were “a single body”. By means of this method, soon the confreres with whom we usually live, begin to show unexpected richness and experiences. They feel they are being listened that they are protagonists.
This was the first step. Others will follow in the coming months. The participants expressed their desire to continue this journey.

First Professions
Sc. Cedeño Vite Víctor Isauro (EC) Huánuco (PE) 05.05.2007
Sc. Campoverde Vicuña José Luciano (EC) “ “ 05.05.2007
Sc. Ayebare Archangel (U) Namugongo (UG) 05.05.2007
Bro. Gitonga James Iriga (KE) Namugongo (UG) 05.05.2007
Sc. Koma Geoffrey Paul (SS) Namugongo (UG) 05.05.2007
Sc. Muna Wilson Kamau (KE) Namugongo (UG) 05.05.2007
Sc. Nguonzi Deogratias (U) Namugongo (UG) 05.05.2007
Sc. Okiru Joseph (U) Namugongo (UG) 05.05.2007
Sc. Bangirana Albert Billy (U) Lusaka (Z) 06.05.2007
Sc. Chileshe Rodgers (MZ) Lusaka (Z) 06.05.2007
Sc. Eyen Stephen (U) Lusaka (Z) 06.05.2007
Sc. José Alberto Intuela Sagras (MO) Lusaka (Z) 06.05.2007
Sc. Kifle Kintamo Kirba (ET) Lusaka (Z) 06.05.2007
Sc. Lipenga Patrick Elias (MZ) Lusaka (Z) 06.05.2007
Sc. Yakob Solomon Shole (ET) Lusaka (Z) 06.05.2007
Sc. Castillo López Nery Javier (DCA) Sahuayo (MEX) 12.05.2007
Sc. Marroquín Morales Luis Guillermo (DCA) “ “ 12.05.2007
Sc. Najarro Morales Oscar Aníbal (DCA) “ “ 12.05.2007
Bro. Rodríguez Barrios Oscar Hiram (DCA) “ “ 12.05.2007
Sc. Dimonekene Sungu Edmond (CN) Kinshasa (RDC) 12.05.2007
Sc. Kabuayi Tshibi Charles (CN) Kinshasa (RDC) 12.05.2007
Bro. Ngunza Mboma Gedeon (CN) Kinshasa (RDC) 12.05.2007
Sc. Agboli John Hanson P. K. (T) Cotonou (BEN) 19.05.2007
Sc. Domara Komlan Alagbé Bernard(T) Cotonou (BEN) 19.05.2007
Sc. Hounongbe Kossi Alidjinou Jean de Dieu (T) “ “ 19.05.2007
Sc. Ketemepi Komivi Dodzi Boris(T) Cotonou (BEN) 19.05.2007
Sc. Metin Sèdoté Alex Canisius (T) Cotonou (BEN) 19.05.2007
Sc. Billo Junior Bertrand Chrisostome (CA) “ “ 19.05.2007
Sc. Lemoungo Géraud – Léger (CA) Cotonou (BEN) 19.05.2007
Bro. Mbaïdjide Alfred (TC) Cotonou (BEN) 19.05.2007
Sc. Simtokena Sa’akaha Baènayem Kevin(T) “ “ 19.05.2007
Sc. Soedjede Kossi Augustin(T) Cotonou (BEN) 19.05.2007
Fr. Malerba Paolo (I) Venegono (I) 26.05.2007
Sc. Marin Daniele (I) Venegono (I) 26.05.2007
Bro. Rizzetto Paolo (I) Venegono (I) 26.05.2007
Sc. Kaleab Abrehe Okubagergish (ER) Decameré (ER) 26.05.2007
Sc. Pomykacz Jacek Andrzej (PO) Warszawa (PL) 02.06.2007
Sc. Jasiński Albert Arkadiusz (PO) Warszawa (PL) 02.06.2007
Sc. Szybka Mariusz (PO) Warszawa (PL) 02.06.2007

Priestly Ordinations
Fr. Mboka Ngere Faustin (CN) Rungu (CN) 10.06.2007
Fr. Oguzu Michael Aribo (U) Mbuya (U) 16.06.2007
Fr. Makokha Titus Henry (KE) Kitale (KE) 16.06.2007
Fr. Rivera Antonio Menes (A) Santa Cruz, Zambales (RP) 30.06.2007

Holy Redeemer Guild
July 01 – 07 LP 08 – 15 CO 16 – 31 MZ
August 01 – 15 M 16 – 31 MO

Prayer Intentions
- That the preparation for the upcoming Synod may render the Churches of Africa bold and courageous in promoting reconciliation, justice and peace among the peoples of the continent. Let us pray.
August - That the catholicity lived by Comboni may persuade us to cooperate with all in facing the challenges of today’s evangelising Mission and to encourage us to be evermore attuned to the priorities of the local Church. Let us pray.


Feast of the sacred Heart

The Comboni Missionaries and the Comboni Missionary Sisters of Bangui celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart in two stages. Monday, 11 June, was a day of reflection and meditation on “meekness”, an aspect of the human heart of Christ which he attributed to himself: “Come to me for I am meek and humble of heart” (Mt. 11, 29). The reflection was presented by Fr. Benedetto Giupponi at the provincial house of the Comboni Missionary Sisters.
On Friday, 15 June, the feast-day, we gathered at Comboni House, seat of the Comboni Missionaries, for Mass and the feast. The Eucharist was presided by Mgr. Ennio Bezone, Secretary of the Apostolic Nuntiature and was animated by the Comboni postulants. The solemn Eucharistic celebration was a moment of great joy and a return to our origins.
Speaking at the commencement of the celebration, Fr. Victor Hugo Castillo Matarrita, provincial superior, recalled that this year we are celebrating three important events in the history of our missionary family for which we thank God: 10 September 1857, 150 years since the first journey of Daniel Comboni to Central Africa; 1 June, 1867, 140 years since the founding of our missionary Institute; 12 August 1877, 130 years since the episcopal ordination of Mgr. Daniel Comboni.
In his brilliant homily, the main celebrant, a friend of the community, invited the participants to revisit the Heart of Jesus so as to discover how much love is at the heart of the mission, which we received from the Church and for which we are here now.
During the Mass, all the missionaries present were invited to renew their religious consecration. After the Mass, the Comboni Family and some friends shared a good dinner in an atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood.
In the afternoon, the provincial, having presented the three postulants admitted to the novitiate, the Brother candidate who will continue his postulancy in Togo and the two newly-professed from Central Africa appointed to the Nairobi Scholasticate, welcomed the confreres appointed to Central Africa and wished those leaving for holidays a safe journey. We wish God’s blessing both on those leaving for a home rest and on those returning to their work.


Regional Assemblies

During the month of May we held our regional assemblies in three different places: Kinshasa, Isiro and Kisangani, to permit the more complete participation of the confreres. Around fifty of them gathered to begin the second stage of the RM, to reflect together and share ideas on the main themes of the life of the Institute and the Institute itself, such as basic formation, the journey of preparation for the next General Chapter, how to live the total common fund of the province, reviewing the implementation of the six-year plan as well as the situation regarding the closure of some communities and future prospects.
It was unanimously agreed that these meetings were marked by the methodology of community discernment and lived in a climate of prayer, of fraternal listening, seeking the will of God and communion. This is a gift which requires us to continue the journey in the same spirit, not just on special occasions, but also in the humdrum routine of daily apostolic and community life.

The ordination of Fr. Faustin Mboka Ngere
On 10 June 2007, at Rungu, the Bishop of Isiro ordained the deacon Faustin Mboka Ngere to the priesthood, in the presence of numerous confreres, male and female, and several diocesan priests, together with the faithful which always gather on such occasions.
Rungu was the first Comboni-run parish in the Congo and the place where our presence was marked by the death of our confreres in 1964. Fr. Faustin is the first Comboni priest from this parish which, however, has produced several diocesan priests. His departure for Egypt is a sign that the parish community has taken another step towards maturity: with the gift of Fr. Faustin, the parish is more involved in the universal mission of the Church.

Fr. Peter Magalasi – Priestly golden jubilee
The celebration was held at Duru, a parish close to Sudan, where Fr. Peter Magalasi carries on his missionary service. He was ordained on 7 July 1957, one hundred years after the first missionary journey of St. Daniel Comboni to Africa. Together with Fr. Peter, we thanked God for having kept him faithful to his priesthood and his total self-giving till this day, for having protected him through so many dangerous situations and for his witness to the Gospel.
For us Comboni Missionaries, this was also a time to contemplate the fidelity of God to the Comboni inspiration: “Save Africa with Africa”. Fr. Magalasi’s heart and the hearts of all who participated in this priestly and missionary golden jubilee’s celebration were filled with feelings of great joy.


Two Meetings: Brothers and Young Comboni Missionaries

The annual meeting of the Brothers was held at Limone sul Garda from Thursday, 31 May, to Sunday, 3 June, with 25 Brothers attending. On 1st June, the foundation of the Institute was commemorated: Fr. Pelucchi, provincial superior, spoke of the importance of the Brothers in the history of the Institute and their specific contribution to human promotion and the creation of fraternal relations both within and outside the religious community. Fr. Carmelo Casile spoke of the mission, proposing once again the experience of Comboni and his votum missionis, and also of the indications of recent General Chapters; he emphasised that the vocation journey of each one of us must comprise five harmonised elements: consecration, mission, community, spiritual and apostolic life.
On Saturday, 12 June, they visited the Marian shrine at Pietralba, thus strengthening fraternity in the group. The meeting ended with Sunday Mass in the parish church of Limone, in order to express our ties with that Christian community from where the Founder originated.
During the following days (5-7 June), another meeting was held at the Verona Casa Madre for the young Comboni Missionaries of Italy and of Poland. There were nine participants: three from Poland and six from Italy (three Brothers among them). In the presence of Fr. Pelucchi, two themes in particular were studied. Fr. Carmelo Casile dealt with the theme: “Consecration and mission in the spiritual journey of St. Daniel Comboni”, while Fr. Giuseppe Crea, psychologist and psychotherapist, invited the participant to reflect upon “Identity and life-cycle; the others and self-formation”. It was a positive opportunity to get to know each other, share difficulties and hopes and renew the common missionary ideal.


Priestly Ordination of Fr. Titus Henry Makokha

It was an honour that Mgr. Maurice Anthony Crowley, the bishop of the diocese of Kitale, invited the Most Rev. Alain P. Lebeaupin, the Pope’s representative in Kenya, to preside over the Eucharistic celebration and ordain Titus Henry Makokha and other four deacons at St. Joseph's parish on 16 June 2007. In his speech, the Nuncio acknowledged that he was happy to have been granted the opportunity to exercise the Episcopal office of ordaining new priests. Among them, two were diocesan priests from the diocese of Kitale, one from the Consolata Missionaries, one Franciscan and Fr. Titus, a Comboni Missionary.
Fr. Titus comes from Tongaren parish, Bungoma Diocese, as does the Consolata priest. In Kitale diocese, (formerly Eldoret) where there are three Comboni missions, the Comboni Missionaries have been serving for more that thirty years. The Eucharistic celebration was colourful and accompanied by joyful songs and dances. The Gospel was carried to the altar on a bicycle, the "boda boda" and the common and cheapest means of transport in the area. This was a symbol of the readiness to spread the Gospel through the simplest of means. Besides the two prelates, there were many priests, brothers and sisters from various Institutes, many students, our parishioners and others from Bungoma and Kitale dioceses, who came to receive the gift of the five ordained new priests.
It was a great joy for us Comboni Missionaries, the family of Fr. Titus and also for the parish of Tongaren who, in its generosity, had offered to God and to the Church two of their children.
For the Comboni Family it was a three-day celebration, as the previous day we gathered to celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart, who on the day of Fr. Titus’ ordination has shown us a visible fruit of his love, and on the following day in the parish of Tongaren, as we gathered for the concelebration by the two newly ordained Comboni and Consolata missionary priests. The faithful were particularly impressed by the courage of Fr. Titus in accepting to go to the difficult area of South Sudan for his first missionary service.


Priestly Golden Jubilee

The celebration of the Golden Jubilee of priesthood of Fr. James Francez was a moment of blessings and of grace for our parish of St. Ignatius of Loyola, in the city of San Ignacio, Lower California.
As a parish community, we experienced this moment in a spiritual atmosphere starting several days before the Eucharistic celebration of thanksgiving. This was celebrated at the mission of San Ignacio on 5 June with 13 priests concelebrating, six of whom were Comboni Missionaries, together with a good number of faithful and friends of Fr. James.
During the celebration, the pastoral groups of the parish presented Fr. James with a spiritual bouquet with which they thanked God for his presence as a spiritual guide.
He has been a missionary in this province since 1961, serving in several missions of Lower California, and he gladly shares his experiences with all he meets. In 1964 he was assigned to his present parish where he is continuing his pastoral service.
Fr. Rafael González Ponce, provincial superior, preached during the Mass and mentioned especially the vast missionary experience of Fr. James, thanking God for having had him in the province. He also expressed the joy of the Institute and of St. Daniel Comboni for the event they were celebrating.
Speaking after Holy Communion, Fr. James said he felt very moved and happy. He admitted that, as a youth, he did not even know where Mexico was, but the prophesy of his father, in giving his young son James to Mexico, came true.


Missionary Afternoon

On 18 April, for the tenth time, the “Missionary Afternoon”, organised by the Comboni Missionary Fr. Mario Mazzoni with a group of collaborators, was held with more than 500 people present.
Preparations began the previous week. A number of talented performers made it a joyful occasion and created a very beautiful atmosphere among the participants with their free services. The various acts were interspersed with lotteries and missionary inputs. Naturally, there were also the stalls with Comboni publications, for those who wished to renew their subscriptions or to have some information about the Comboni Missionary life. Apart from making our work known, the entire funds raised were sent to the Peruvian missionaries working abroad. We thank all our supporters and especially those who undertook the task of organising this event.

Perpetual Profession
Taking the opportunity of Good Shepherd Sunday on 29 April, the Province was blessed with the perpetual profession of Bro. Luis Humberto González Jiménez. After his training at the Bogota CIF, Bro. Luis was sent to work for more than three years at the “Fr. Joseph Ambrosoli Centre” in Milan, to assist the sick, a period during which his love for and identification with the Comboni Institute grew.
The parish of St. Catherine Labouré, run by the Missionaries of Vicenza, located at Villa María del Triunfo, one of the suburbs of Lima, opened its doors for this celebration. Accompanying Bro. Luis Humberto in this important moment of missionary consecration, there were twelve concelebrants as well as many family members and friends. Moreover, during the presentation of the gifts, his nephew, just a few days old, was also brought to the altar. This was done as sign of the start of a new life, as Bro. Luis gave himself entirely and with complete trust into the hands of the Father of Jesus Christ, knowing that He will accompany him even to the ends of the earth. The feast ended with a dinner on the parish premises. Immediately afterwards, Bro. Luis left for England where he will study English and will receive his appointment to an African country.

First Profession
As it has now become traditional, on the second Saturday of May Huánuco Novitiate celebrated the profession of the second-year novices. This year, two young men from Ecuador, José Luciano Campoverde Vicuña and Víctor Isauro Cedeño Vite, took their vows in the presence of Fr. Bruno Bordonali, their Provincial. The Eucharistic celebration was presided by Mgr. Jaime Rodríguez Salazar, Bishop of Huánuco.
A 72-hour strike by the “cocaleros” (workers who cultivate cocaine) of the region, who were joined by various trade-union members, prevented other participants from arriving, as the strikers blocked the roads to the city. Fr. Bordonali, to make sure of being present, came by plane and was picked up by motor cycle as the other means of transport were also on strike.

Feast of the Sacred Heart
On 15 June, feast of the Sacred Heart, the members of the Comboni Family who work in Lima: Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Lay Missionaries and friends, came together to celebrate a day that is particularly meaningful to us.
Fr. Rogelio Bustos Juárez, the provincial, shared some points of the spirituality of the Heart of Jesus, and, afterwards, Fr. Rodolfo Coaquira Hilage and Fr. P. Pedro Juan Quilla Torres introduced us to the method of discernment, which is part of the process of the Ratio Missionis: in this way we officially started the second phase of the renewal process requested by the Institute.
We, then, went to church, in the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, to drink from the fountain of his heart: the adoration had been planned by the candidates in formation. We closed the day with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Gaetano Beltrami, who shared with us some wonderful reflections on the meaning of our celebration. Finally, the cook of the provincial house prepared a lovely meal for all, which we fraternally shared.

50° anniversary of religious profession
On 29 June, feast of SS Peter and Paul, a number of members of the Comboni Family came together in Huánuco to celebrate Bro. Jakob Pezzei for his 50 years of religious profession, forty of which spent in the province of Peru-Chile.
At 11 a.m. we celebrated the Eucharistic celebration in the cathedral of Huánuco. It was presided over by Mgr. Jaime Rodríguez Salazar, bishop of the diocese, and concelebrated by nearly twenty priests. After presenting the two apostles Peter and Paul as models and pillars of our missionary service, the bishop addressed to Bro. Jakob words of appreciation for all these years of fidelity to his missionary vocation. Once the celebration was over, we went to the church of St. Paul, where we have our Comboni novitiate and, in fraternity, we shared a meal and expressed our affection and appreciation to Bro. Jakob.


Priestly ordination of Fr. Michael Oguzu Aribo

On 16 June 2007 Michael Oguzu Aribo was ordained priest at Mbuya parish, by the auxiliary Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese, Mgr. Christopher Kakooza. The celebration was well attended by a good number of Comboni Missionaries, including several members of the provincial council who were in Kampla for their meeting, and a number of diocesan priests. The celebration was rather simple, but well participated. Fr. Michael comes from Gayaza parish, on the outskirt of Kampala, where he was born and grew up. It is the farm of Makerere University, where his father, a Logbara by tribe, lectured for many years. He celebrated his first Mass the following day at his father’s home. Many people attended the celebration, particularly the Logbara friends living in Kampala. There was a group of people from Logiri, the very village of Arua Diocese where his family comes from. During the celebration, Fr. Michael administered baptism to a number of children, one of them being his nephew. Fr. Michael enjoyed the love and support of so many people who accompanied him in his studies and preparation to the priesthood. As he had chosen the readings for his ordination Mass, we wish that the words of Isaiah (49:6) may come true for him: “I have a greater task for you, that you should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors of Israel; I will also make you a light to the nations, so that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth."

Peace talk in North Uganda
The peace talks in Juba are dragging on. No lasting peace agreement is in sight, but there have been no hostilities between UPDF (government army) and LRA (rebels army) in Acholi land. Some LRA groups are still roaming about in West Acholi. There is a growing trust in lasting security. People in East Acholi are moving out from the large camps to smaller ones and from there even closer to their homesteads for crop growing. People in West Acholi seem rather reluctant to resettle. Maybe they have been staying too many years in camps, thus becoming food dependent and less willing to take their life into their own hands. Yet WFP (World Food Programme) intends to stop dishing out food supplies by July. Even now food rations are very small and insufficient to the need of the people who are obliged to start cultivating their fields.

Sunday liturgy without a priest in the Lango language
After many years of preparation, also the translation and publication in Lango of the “Sunday prayer in the absence of a priest” has come out. It is a work that Fr. Luigi Polini started long ago and which Fr. Maurizio Balducci carried on with the invaluable help of Fr. Riccardo Bolzonella. The Bishop of Lira, Mgr. Giuseppe Franzelli, has gladly authorized its publication. It will be of great help to the communities when they meet for prayer.

Radio Pacis is named the “New Radio Station of the Year”
The BBC World Service has sponsored a competition celebrating the excellence of “English language in radio journalism in Africa”. On 26 May, 2007, at an awards ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya, the jury selected Radio Pacis as the “New Radio Station of the Year”.
Five members of the staff of this Radio Station, which is supported by the Comboni Missionaries, were present in Nairobi for the awards ceremony: Fr. Tonino Pasolini, the director, Ms. Sherry Meyer, the station manager, Mr. Anecho Sam, the program manager, and the assistants Mr. Dranibo Felix and Mr. Driliga George.
In the press release, the BBC said: “Radio Pacis is a fine example of what a community radio station based outside the capital can do. Based in Arua, Uganda’s West Nile region, it may have a small staff and modest resources, but it still addresses challenging local issues including providing advice on medical and health problems and debating matters of local interest alongside local and national news.”


Bro. Ludwig Kästel
(23.05.1914 – 08.06.2007)

Let us pray for our beloved dead
: Matilde, of Fr. Gilberto Ceccato (CA); Kasama, of Fr. Janvier Kabeya Mbinze (CN); Angela, of Fr. Saverio Perego (I); María Elena, of Fr. Rodolfo Heriberto Valdez Ponce (M).
THE BROTHER: Mario, of Fr. Giuseppe Cavalieri (BS); Peter, of Fr. Johann Maneschg (RSA); Giacomo, of Fr. Lino Cordero (BS).
THE SISTER: Barbara, of Fr. Georg Klose (DSP); Giacomina, of Fr. Giacomo Bellini (ET): Gabriella, of Fr. Carlo Plotegheri (KH).
THE COMBONI MISSIONARY SISTERS: Sr. Remedios Peñarrubia Chavarrias; Sr. Graziosa Dalla Valle; Sr. Angelita Cracco; Sr. Clementina Martini; Sr. Livina Maccà.

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