1. Inalienable Assets. The juridical operation was completed with the approval by the General Council of the real estate stated as Inalienable Assets in all the circum-scriptions, of the value assigned to them and the criteria to be used for the setting up of the Fund to renovate the same real estate. The only exception made was for Europe, allowing these provinces to set up a European Invested Fund for Reno-vation, which is administered through the “Banca Etica” by the provincial treasurer of the Italian Province and coordinated by the Treasurer General. This coordination service is intended for following the same criteria which are being applied to all the other provinces. The running of the Fund will start towards the end of the year, after the next General Assembly of Treasurers and Procurators.

2. General Assembly of Treasurers and Procurators (from 16 to 26 September 2008). It will be held in Pesaro, not in Rome, due to maintenance works at the General Curia in Via Luigi Lilio. All of you have been asked to possibly arrange your arrival and departure directly to and from Pesaro, using the information which was sent around. Anyone having real difficulties about it, may contact the Roma-Eur community, which will do its best to assist him.
We have sent to all of you some notes: the proposals to modify the General Directory for Finance and the financial section of the “Code of Conduct”, so that you may prepare your response after having consulted either the local treasurers and communities or the provincial council. I will shortly send a kind of “Handbook of the Comboni Treasurer”, a document which we would like to present as a proposal to the General Chapter 2009.
We will try to have a (fraternal) simultaneous translation to and from English.
The Internet connection will be available for those who come with their desktop.
It only remains for me to say “See you soon”.

3. The work that is being carried out in Rome is intended to make the rooms in the building of the Bibliotheca more “modern and comfortable”, without diminishing the number of the existing rooms, in order to welcome the members of the General Chapter. We hope to achieve this and still maintain a style of simplicity and adaptability.
The Chapter Hall is also in need of renovation, to ensure the working of the air conditioning, microphones and voting system.

4. The request of the Italian Province to build the St. Daniel Comboni Shrine at Limone, together with multipurpose halls/rooms to allow the welcoming of large groups of visitors and pilgrims at the Birthplace of the Founder, was approved.

5. The General Council has approved the revision of the charts of the participation to the Scholastics and Medical General Funds. You will eventually find the new 2009 ratio of participation of your Province or Delegation.
I remind you the main norms guiding the participation to such funds:
The Scholastics Fund, deeming vocations a benefit for all the provinces and not just for those of origin, evaluates the participation on the base of financial possibilities of the Circumscription. The Medical Fund, instead, considers the number of members according to their juridical membership, a number that varies accordingly, but considered as a measure of “greatness” in the Circumscription. During the Assembly we will have the opportunity to discuss also these points.

6. Finally, an information concerning the Treasurer General. As you all know, I am about to go on rotation and perhaps some may think that I was already in another faraway country. Not until now. The General Council has not yet decided (or at least communicated) its decision on this point.
Fr. Claudio Lurati is preparing himself for this service: he is presently breathing some mission air in Wau (Sudan); he will attend the Course CORAT-AFRICA in Nairobi in August and will be with us in September for the Assembly.

A. Lwanga Guarda

Information Newsletter – General Secretariat for Finance