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The journey towards the General Chapter 2009 continues, prepared in all these years by the process of the Ratio Missionis and officially started in September 2007 with the appointment of the Thematic Commissions.
Roma, 08.12.2008
Attachements. In Attachement EN the original text:EN. Letter of the General Council to all Confreres.

On 15 November 2008, at the end of a long Consulta, the General Council prepared a letter, addressed to all confreres, on the preparation of the Chapter. After briefly reminding us of some of the stages and of the many documents produced, it dwells on the work of the Preparatory Commission which was asked “to prepare an introduction, as a guideline and help to understand these documents.”

The Letter of the General Council intends, therefore, to be a presentation of the Document of the Preparatory Commission and of all the other documents “which, together, form the basic text on which to work from now till the start of the Chapter.”

All confreres are thus invited to read, study and deepen all the documents, about a dozen, which are gradually being made available also on our website.

The Letter goes on to list the stages of preparation to the 17 General Chapter: From January to April 2009 it will be the Provincial Stage; in April and May there will be the Continental Assemblies; from June to September the immediate preparation; from 31 August to 5 September the week of preparation for the Chapter Delegates with days of recollection and reflection; on 16 September, as already announced, the solemn opening of the Chapter.

This Letter is addressed to all confreres because “it is important that all take actively and wholeheartedly part in the provincial and continental preparation, so that the Chapter may reflect everyone’s contribution”.

The General Council also says: “In particular, we ask the Chapter Delegates to conscientiously prepare themselves by studying the basic documents as well as all other reading material.

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception the liturgy invites us, through the mission of the Church, to make true the goal of history: God all in all.

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SUMMARY of all documents sent by GC


1. Letter to all confreres:
Preparation for the General Chapter 2009.
General Council.

2. Introductive document:
From Comboni’s Plan to the Comboni Missionaries’ Plan: re-qualification of Mission, formation, government.
Preparatory commission.

3. Ratio Missionis:
Reading aids for the text “Ratio Missionis”.
Preparatory commission.

4. Ratio Missionis:
Reviewing the Mission, renewing ourselves.
Summary of the proposals of the stage of discernment.
Thematic commission “Ratio Missionis”

5. Formation:
On the Way Towards Chapter 2009.
Thematic commission reflecting on the formation

6. Governance:
Final report.
Thematic commission for the governance.


7. Ratio Missionis:

Synthesis of the continental proposals.
Thematic commission “Ratio Missionis” .

8. Formation:
Sintesi finale delle risposte al questionario in preparazione del XVII Capitolo. Allegato n° 1.
Thematic commission reflecting on formation.

9. Formation:
Ratio fundamentalis. Alcune proposte di cambiamento e aggiornamento. Allegato n° 2.
Thematic commission reflecting on formation.

10. Governance:
Commenti alla Bozza 1 – Settembre 2008.
Thematic commission for governance.

11. By-laws:
Chapter By-laws.
Thematic commission.

12. Economy:
Economy and Mission.
General assembly of treasurers. Pesaro 16/26 September 2008.

The General Counsil letter to all Confreres - WD N°1