Conclusions of the 1° Meeting


by Enrique Sanchez
The Precapitular Commission has completed the work of its first meeting in Rome on Saturday 10 January 2009.
Rome, 14.01.2009

Among all that the Commission has prepared, there are texts and essays which have already been sent to the provincials and Chapter delegates. These will be used to animate the provinces in this preparatory stage and also to facilitate the preparation of the provincial reports. In the website these documents are numbered by letters of the alphabet and are identified by the initials of the names of the language. They are available to all Comboni Missionaries.
There is also a series of power point presentations which, undoubtedly, will be useful for the continental assemblies that will take place before the end of May 2009. Also these presentations were sent to provincials and delegates.
The Precapitular Commission has fixed the date of its next meeting: 7 June 2009 in Rome. During this meeting, the Commission will work on all the contributions received from the provinces, continents and individual confreres.
For this reason, the Commission has opened an e-mail address to receive the messages and comments anyone wishes to send. The address is:
We are all invited to visit the page “Missionari Comboniani> Area Riservata>Capitolo 2009” where the information on how the Chapter’s preparation is going will be regularly updated.

by Enrique Sanchez

Precapitular Commission