Journeys/Visits of the GC

Fr. Enrique Sánchez G.

18 December - 8 January: holidays in Mexico;

9 – 26 January 2012: visit to Columbia

30 January – 3 February: Visit to the Comboni Year in Rome;

6 – 9 February: convention in Rome

8 – 30 April: visit to Spain

Fr. Alberto Pelucchi

7-17 February: meeting of Europe MA at Pesaro

Fr. TesfayeTadesse G.

27 December 2011 – 3 January 2012: Meeting in Egypt

18 – 30 January 2012: holidays in Ethiopia

31 January – 26 February: visit to Kenya

27 February – 3 March: Assembly of the Provincials of Anglophone Africa and Mozambique (APDESAM)

Fr. Antonio Villarino R.

21 January – 21 February: visit to the Province of Ecuador

Bro. Daniele G. Giusti

6 – 29 January 2012: visit to the Province of Togo-Ghana-Benin

Perpetual professions

Sc. Munketalingi E. Jean-Marie (RDC)  Kachebere (MW)   11.01.2012

Ordinations to the priesthood

Fr. Alfred Mawadri (UG) Moyo (UG) 14.01.2012

Fr. Chacón Rodríguez Guillermo (DCA)  Sabanillas de Limoncito, Coto Brus de Puntarenas (CR)    21.01.2012

 Holy Redeemer Guild

February            01 – 15 BS             16 – 28 CA

March                01 – 07 DCA           08 – 15 EG          16 – 31 EC

Prayer Intentions

February – That the 140th anniversary of the commencement of the Postulancy by the first Comboni Missionary Sisters may rekindle the fire and the passion for Christ and the ad gentes mission in all Comboni Missionary Sisters and especially in the young women who are beginning their formation in the Institute. Let us pray.

March – That the conversion to which we are called during Lent may bear fruit in sharing and in the change of our life-style in order to bring us closer to our most needy brothers and sisters in all the countries in which we are present and make us grow in inner freedom. Let us pray.


Domenico Agasso: “Un profeta dell’Africa” (A prophet for Africa), the fifth edition of his biography of St. Daniele Comboni with some new additions (see section on “Italia”). Ed. Nigrizia 2011, pp. 336. The price is € 17, 00. It is available from the “Fondazione Nigrizia”, which produced this new edition (Vicolo Pozzo, 1 – 37129 Verona), the Comboni communities and, of course, the St. Paul bookshops.

Fr. Guido Oliana: Gesù, la domanda, e Cristo, la risposta. Il metodo della correlazione nella teologia cristomorfica di Paul Tillich (Jesus the Question and Christ the Answer. The correlation method in the Christomorphic theology of Paul Tillich) This is a theological book on the ‘correlation method” in the Systematic theology of Paul Tillich, a Protestant theologian “whose theology is both fascinating and impossible”. Fr. Guido investigates the “correlation method” and shows that the dialectical and paradoxical relationship between Jesus (the existential question par excellence) and Christ (the theological reply par excellence) is possible.


Renewing the missionary option for the youth

The Province of Brasil Nordest organised a seminar from 9 to 11 January, 2012, on the theme of “The Youth: perceptions, approximations and scenarios”, at São Luis, Maranhão. About thirty people, including missionaries and young people from some parish communities and projects run by Comboni Missionaries, took part.

The seminar formed part of the Three-year Plan of the Province and aimed at evaluating the work done with youth from the point of view of formation towards Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC), as well as presenting an analysis of the pastoral accompaniment of adolescents and youths in some parish communities.

The partial results of the research carried out among 430 youths in parishes of Maranhão were a useful stimulus towards reflection, the identification of future prospects and for renewing the missionary commitment among the youth.

The analysis helped to bring out the interests, concerns and questions of the youths: more than half of them, besides being worried about being unemployed, gaining university places and violence, they are very interested in the family and education; most of them demonstrated a high level of religious sensibility which ought to be well followed and directed. Furthermore, many recognised the connection that exists between faith that is lived and commitment to peace, human rights and social justice, all of which shows that, in some way, the option of the province in recent years (youth for peace) has had some effect on the conscience of the young people.

In the context of the Brazilian situation, the challenges are great but the potential of the youth is still greater. The National Episcopal Conference has confirmed that, in 2013, the Fraternity Campaign (which involves all the ecclesial communities of Brazil in reflection and commitment) will be focused upon the youth. Consequently, it foresees that a journey of hope and much labour lies ahead for this sector of society and the Church.


Visit of the Superior General

Fr. Enrique Sanchez Gonzalez, Superior General, spent from 9 to 26 January visiting the Delegation of Colombia.

Fr. Enrique, having preached the retreat, took part in the Assembly and in the Delegation Council while he was visiting the Comboni communities of Cali and Tumaco.

Fr. Raffaello Savoia, the delegate, remarked that this visit was very enriching for the Delegation, especially regarding the “actualisation of the Comboni spirituality at personal and community levels”. He added, “Father General presented to us the state of the Institute, going well beyond statistics, underlining the challenges which, with God’s help, we must face here in Colombia, in order to provide a missionary response according to the style and charism of St. Daniel Comboni”.

The words of Fr. Enrique also reflected the social conflicts which often arise in the parish areas where the Comboni Missionaries work, especially Cali and Tumaco. “It is difficult to be a sign of hope in this paramilitary context where we have the FARC, drug dealing and corrupted authorities, but, with the help of God, we are here to console and strengthen the people of God who have been entrusted to us”, concluded Fr. Savoia.


Twenty-fifth anniversary of priesthood

On December 20 last, Fr. Gabriel Estrada Santoyo celebrated the Silver Jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood in his native city of Peribán de Ramos, Michoacán, Mexico. The Provincial of Mexico, Fr. Lucas Erasmo Norberto Bautista, was also present and gave the homily. With him were 22 priests of whom 15 were Comboni confreres, seven were diocesan. A group of 32 people came from Guatemala, where Fr. Gabriel is working, as well as all the novices. It was a very meaningful celebration due to the preparation carried out by his family and the parish. The music, characteristic of the area, also contributed much and accompanied the event throughout the entire day.

National meeting on Continental Mission

This meeting took place from 9 to 12 January, 2012, in Guatemala City, and brought together the entire Episcopal Conference, 500 priests and more than 1500 lay people and religious women to undertake a serious reflection on the processes that they are carrying out in the various dioceses and vicariates in response to the Aparecida’s request to have a Permanent Mission in every Country.

Casa Comboni took on the main role in organising the meeting, in coordinating the participation of the media and those in charge of the bookshop, in the preparation of the meals for over 2,000 participants, in welcoming and accommodating them and in conducting the workshops, for the added reason that one of the priorities of our Delegation is to follow these processes of continental mission which are being carried out in the four countries where we are present.

Ordination to the Priesthood in Costa Rica

On 21 January, 2012, Guillermo Chacón Rodríguez was ordained priest at the hands of Mgr. Guillermo Loria Garita, Bishop of San Isidro de El General. The ordination took place in the community of Sabanillas which is in the parish of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, San Vito, on the border with Panama. Guillermo studied theology in Lima, Peru and did his pastoral service at Casares, Nicaragua.

There were 22 priests present, among whom were 11 Comboni confreres and his brother William, also a priest, working in the United States, as well as a good number of religious women and almost 800 parishioners. On Sunday, 22 January, Fr. Guillermo celebrated his first Mass at La Unión, a town near Sabanillas where his family has lived. He has been appointed to the Delegation of Colombia


Information regarding Fr. Merke

On 16 November last, Fr. Merke Zemicael Tesfazion had come to Asmara for the Delegation Council meeting. He had a pain in the big toe of his right foot and was limping, though he thought nothing of it and, a week later, returned to his mission of Delle. Meanwhile, a wound had opened up in his toe and Fr. Merke tried to heal it with local medicine. On 16 December we decided to take him to hospital where the doctors diagnosed gangrene and admitted him. Blood tests revealed a high sugar level. He had been suffering from diabetes for ten years and was under treatment. He was given medicine for some days but the diabetes was out of control and the gangrene was moving up his leg.

On 22 December, the surgeons decided it was necessary to amputate the leg. Bro. Daniele Giusti, after being contacted, was also of the same opinion. The leg was amputated about 15cm below the knee and the operation was successful. The gangrene was halted and the diabetes began to stabilise. We do not know how long Fr. Merke will have to stay in hospital.

Since he entered hospital, we have received messages of solidarity and promises of prayers from the General Administration and many confreres and Comboni Sisters who know him and have worked with him. We appreciate your solidarity and we thank the General Council and all the confreres and friends who prayed for us at this difficult time and we ask Our Lord to grant Fr. Merke a complete recovery and allow him to work for many more years at the service of God and of the Mission. (Tesfamariam Ghebrecristos)


International Joint Commission for Theological Dialogue

From January 17 to 22 there took place in Addis Ababa the ninth meeting of the International Joint Commission for Theological Dialogue. The fourteen members representing the Catholic Church and their counterparts, fourteen members from the different Oriental Orthodox Churches, gathered at the invitation of His Holiness Abune Paulos I, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

On this occasion the head of the Catholic delegation, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, His Eminence, Cardinal Kurt Koch and the Catholic delegation of the Joint Commission met with the Bishops of Oriental Rite of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, priests, religious and laity at the Catholic Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady in Addis Ababa on January 17.

In this prayer meeting, the seminarians of the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa sung the “Kidane” or “Covenant Prayer of the Evening” while the Metropolitan Archbishop Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel addressed the invited guests and the entire congregation with words that expressed his appreciation for Cardinal Koch’s desire to have this encounter. He spoke also of the rich and long standing Christian Ethiopian tradition, and of the impact of the Catholic presence in the Country, especially referring to the efforts of St. Justin of Jacobis to inculturate the Church while respecting the local values and expressions of faith. Furthermore, the Archbishop asserted the outstanding contribution of the Catholic Church to the Ethiopian society in the fields of education and health, and to the actualization of gospel values through her service to the poorest.

On his side, Cardinal Koch explained briefly the principles of Ecumenism according to the Vatican II, with some of the difficulties to be addressed by the Joint Commission to deepen a serene and longstanding theological dialogue. His Eminence invited the faithful to foster ecumenism by their spiritual dialogue through committed prayer and by their respect towards our brothers and sisters of other Christian denominations, especially the Orthodox faithful, the majority of the country population.

His Excellency Archbishop George Panikulam, Apostolic Nuncio to Ethiopia, invited His Holiness Abune Paulos I, the members of the Joint Commission, Catholic Bishops, and representatives of the Catholic Secretariat, of religious, priests and laity to a “Friendship Dinner” at the Apostolic Nunciature.

Patriarch Paulos I and Archbishop George Panikulam expressed the importance of this moment and the desire that this “table of fellowship” may one day be confirmed by the fellowship at the “Table of the Eucharist.”


New edition of a biography of Comboni

The fifth edition of the biography of St. Daniel Comboni entitled: “Un profeta dell’Africa” (A prophet for Africa) has been published. The main author, Domenico Agasso, was joined by his homonymous nephew in revising and updating the original. It includes the canonisation with its significance and celebrations around the world.

There are various new items. First of all, the preface by the Director of Famiglia Cristiana, Rev. Antonio Sciortino, the actualisation of the message of Comboni. Then there is the reflection by His Eminence, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini on the pioneering role of Comboni “having as a reference point his faith, his generous apostolic dedication … and his inner strength”. All this concerns not only Africa but also the Church. Finally, there is a note by the French academic Jean Guitton, written as a preface to the book by J. E. Lozano, Afrique: passion d’une vie (ed. St. Paul), which underlines the transformation Comboni made of the devotion to the Sacred Heart to be understood not only in the sense of reparation by the individual but with a missionary perspective. Furthermore, the academic shows how Comboni was a precursor and prophet and concludes thus: “Black Africa, Africa that will give birth to a new evangelisation, the Africa of our hopes”.

The photographic section of 16 pages has also been renewed considerably with the inclusion of the recent events of the beatification and canonisation.

The book of 336 pages also has a completely new cover.

MA/EV and the community of missionary presence

The Province of Italy held the assembly of those working in the evangelisation and missionary animation sectors (MA/EV) from 9 to 12 January, 2012. There were more than thirty participants. The assembly provided an opportunity to evaluate the work done in 2011, to study the present moment and make plans for 2012. It comprised some key moments: first of all, the preparation commenced in the communities by means of a reflection on the progress and the modalities of our presence in the country. Secondly, a time of listening – during the meeting – to the zones of work and the meaningful initiatives carried out by the communities and the interaction with the Florentine priest Rev. Andrea Bigalli, as external interlocutor. Lastly, the work of planning a calendar with the commitments of all concerned to carry out important initiatives during the coming year, 2012. The service rendered – it was repeatedly said – must be given as a community that is ever more hospitable and welcoming; particular attention must be paid to the African and Latin American diaspora, those belonging to the second generation and the promotion of active citizenship, the communicators and the youth in search of a sustainable future.

Among the initiatives for 2012, we indicate especially the commitment of the Province to: the clarification of policies and the project of missionary presence in Europe, during the assembly due to be held in Pesaro in February, 2012; the meeting at Limone sul Garda (10-13 April) which will set out the lines of reflection and of the contribution of the Comboni Missionaries in the Mission Europe on the tenth anniversary of the activities of GERT (2002-2012); participation at Frascati in days of Missio giovani (28 April-1 May); the European meeting of JPIC workers (Rome, 25 June-1 July), and participation in the Missionary Caravan of peace which will hold its final events in the region of Campania (25-30 September).

Dialogue between the Secretariats and the Provincial Council

The Secretaries for Evangelisation and Missionary Animation, Basic Formation and Vocations Ministry, the Financial secretaries and the coordinators of Ongoing Formation, the Commission for the Elderly and the sick and of the Procure were invited to Pesaro by the Provincial Council on 13 January for a day of reflection together.

It was an occasion to bring into focus the common project of missionary commitment in Italy and the need to work in synergy, avoiding creating watertight compartments and too many meetings and initiatives that sometimes bore the missionary workers in the various ambits of the Province.

The themes to be followed by all the communities, like the two tracks of a railway, are the following: the Word of God and community life.

New website:

Among the various initiatives of the Province, it is important to indicate to all the confreres the new website “” set up and run by Fr. Giovanni Munari. The site originated as a blog to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas. We invite all confreres to send items of news, information, photos, initiatives, reflections or suggestions to be published on the website. The email address of the site is: “”.

Sincere thanks to and congratulations to Fr. Munari for all he has done and is still doing to make this website so interesting, up to date and even missionary!

In memory of Fr. Sandro Pizzi († 2009)

Some groups of volunteers and institutions are keeping alive the memory of Fr. Alessandro Pizzi, a Comboni missionary who died in October, 2009, at the mission of Opit (Northern Uganda). On the evening of 29 November, 2011, in the auditorium of the BCC Bank of Treviglio (Bergamo), the Committee Opit Uganda Onlus of Ricengo (Cremona) organised a meeting of friends and institutions with the aim of motivating them in the common project to build a multi-purpose hall at the mission of Opit for the benefit of the local population. In support of the project and to develop the theme of the evening “Children – the future of Africa”, there were speeches by the local authorities, doctors, experts in international cooperation and Fr. Franco Moretti, director of Nigrizia (Verona).

“Fr. Vittorio Agostini: twenty years later we still remember you”

At Casalguidi near Pistoia, on Sunday, 27 November, 2011, the local community kept the memory of Fr. Vittorio Agostini, a Comboni missionary who died in 1991 in the Congo, at 49 years of age, and buried at Kinshasa near the tomb of Fr. Gaetano Manzi. The Hall of Mercies was full of friends; these included the parish priest Don Renzo, his friend Don Gino, Fr. Remo Mariani, Fr. Vittorio Farronato and the coordinator Professor Aldo Carlo Cappellini.

Mrs. Martine Coletto Bugiani, editor of the souvenir booklet “Fr. Vittorio Agostini. Twenty years later we still remember you”, explained that, underlying the editorial work there is the desire to make this missionary known “to many people who were not fortunate enough to meet him”.

Fr. Farronato, remembering the years he shared with Fr Vittorio in formation and in the mission, underlined the pedagogy of Fr. Agostini in teaching the catechists prayerful and liturgical knowledge of the Bible. “I was moved on seeing the affection of his people. They understood the meaning he gave to his life, his missionary soul and the courage with which he gave himself unsparingly, despite his delicate state of health”.


Distribution of the works of young artists on Comboni

The works of 33 young artists who took part in the competition organised in Verona during the first months of 2011, were displayed at the Church of St. Fermo, The Diocesan Museum of Verona and, during the summer, at the house in Limone sul Garda. Most of the artists donated their works to our Institute and these were then distributed among the various Comboni communities: Arco, Gozzano, Limone, Padua, Pesaro, Roma-EUR, Trent, Troia, Verona (Casa Madre, CAA, CCM).

Paintings and plaques of Comboni in parishes and centres

In recent years, some tens of paintings of St. Daniel Comboni, of different shapes and sizes, have been donated to parishes and centres of the diocese of Verona and elsewhere. Both parish priests and faithful appreciated the images of the missionary saint of Africa and placed them in prominent locations such as churches, catechism rooms and meeting halls. We must add to this the placing of some plaques commemorating important moments in the life of the Founder: Buttapietra (assistance to the victims of cholera, 1855), San Pietro Incarnario (first seat of the Institute, 1867), the Seminary (second seat of the Institute, 1871), and at San Giorgio in Braida (the first solemn Mass of Bishop Comboni, 1877).

On their own initiative and thanks to local artists, some Veronese parishes have produced new images of Comboni which were then displayed in their churches: San Paolo in Campo Marzio (2009), Pontepossero (2011) and Spirito Santo (2011).


Workshop on JPIC

From 9 to 14 January 2012, twenty confreres of our Province of Malawi-Zambia took part in a Workshop on Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation. Fr. Francesco Pierli was the facilitator of this workshop, which took place at Kachebere Seminary, in Malawi. The theme of the workshop was: Ministry of JPIC as a Constitutive Component of the Comboni charism, mission and its supporting spirituality. The methodology used was that of the Pastoral Cycle which consists of four steps: Presentation of experiences on what is done already on JPIC; Social and cultural analysis of the experiences; Theological reflection in the light of the Bible, the Magisterium and our Comboni identity; Strategy for action and advocacy. The workshop was conducted with flexible creativity and in a spirit of adaptation with a good balance between group work and inputs from the facilitator. The participants were very happy with the outcome of the workshop, and, together with the fruitful sharing in groups, we found Fr. Pierli’s theological insights very inspiring and useful for our pastoral action in the various fields of our apostolic work. In the middle of the workshop, on 11 January, we had a special celebration of the Perpetual Vows of scholastic Jean-Marie Munketalingi. All the participants in the workshop took part in the celebration, which was presided by the provincial superior of Malawi-Zambia, Fr. Dario Balula Chaves.

Diaconate of Jean Marie Munketalingi

On Sunday, 15 January, 2012, Jean Marie Munketalingi, a scholastic student from Congo doing missionary service in this province, was ordained deacon in Lirangwe parish, Blantyre, Malawi, by Mgr. Tarcisius Ziyaye, Archbishop of Blantyre. Mgr. Montfort Sitima, Auxiliary Bishop of Blantyre, also took part in the open-air celebration, together with the provincial superior, some Comboni priests and Brothers, a good number of religious Sisters and many Christians of Lirangwe parish. The rain, which fell abundantly towards the end of the Mass, did not disturb the people and was seen as a special blessing from God on this special day. The Archbishop expressed his appreciation for the good work carried out by the Comboni Missionaries in the Archdiocese of Blantyre. The new deacon Jean-Marie thanked the Archdiocese, the Comboni Family and the Christians of Lirangwe for their support and friendship and asked for their prayers.


Nativity Experience grows

The Comboni Missionaries in Cincinnati have had an animated Nativity Display for the public every year since 1947. They open their door every evening for almost three weeks, and people pour in to hear the story of the first Christmas. The year 2011 saw a record 2800 visitors. Not only does this afford visitors the opportunity to leave the chaos of a materialistic world behind, but it also allows them the chance to talk to Comboni missionaries who are on hand every evening. In an unrushed, relaxed environment, guests hear mission stories and gather information about who the Comboni Missionaries are and what they do.

Daniel Comboni introduced to new ears

Comboni Father Louis Gasparini recently gave the benediction at a special Martin Luther King Day celebration in Cincinnati. He took the opportunity to introduce St. Daniel Comboni to a crowd of 500 people in this way: “Martin Luther King followed a line of great prophets with great dreams. Gandhi, who dreamed of freedom for the people of India and died for it; Daniel Comboni, founder of the Comboni Missionaries, who dreamed of freedom for the people of Africa and gave his life for it; Oscar Romero, who dreamed of freedom for the people of El Salvador and was not afraid to die for that cause. The dream they and Martin Luther King shared sprang from their love for people and their belief in basic human rights for all.”


Twenty-fifth anniversary of ordination

On 8 January, 2012, the feast of the Epiphany in Portugal, Fr. Arlindo Ferreira Pinto celebrated his 25 years of missionary priesthood. The Eucharistic celebration, prepared and enlivened by the Christians of the parish of Freamunde, was led by the Auxiliary Bishop of Oporto, Mgr. Antonio Maria Bessa Taipa, who is also from that same city. Among the participants were the provincial superior, Fr. Alberto de Oliveira Silva, the parish priest, Don Manuel Luís de Brito, some confreres, relatives and friends.

Fr. Arlindo spent 16 years in Mozambique, six at Lisbon, two in Rome and one in Mexico. Looking back on his life he described it as “a journey constantly marked by new and different experiences”, during which he was constantly faced with missions very different from each other which compelled him to redefine and visualise ever new goals, new objectives and new recipients.

Mgr. António Taipa underlined in his homily the theme of the priesthood and the missionary vocation as a gift and a grace to enable us to serve the people of God and, above all, the poorest and most needy people, following the example of St. Daniel Comboni.

A fraternal meal was afterwards shared by the confreres who were present and the relatives and friends of Fr. Arlindo.

Secretary General of Formation visits the Novitiate

The Comboni European novitiate of Santarem was visited for the first time by the Secretary General of Formation, Fr. Opargiw John Baptist Keraryo. His visit lasted from 13 to 15 January, 2012.

Fr. John Baptist, a Ugandan, served as a missionary in the Central African Republic and in Zambia before being chosen for this service that brought him to Rome. He is the first African to be appointed to this post in the Institute.

One of his duties is to visit the houses of formation so as to get to know the formators and those in formation in the context in which they live and to speak of the challenges that formation brings us today. It is also an occasion to speak of the state of the Institute regarding vocations.

His visit included personal meetings with the members of the religious community and the novices themselves.

Fr. John Baptist took part in all the activities that form part of the daily life of the novitiate and also in some celebrations of the local Church.


Visit by Bro Giusti and the Provincial Assembly

The province of TGB experienced three weeks of intense activity on the occasion of the visit of Bro. Daniele Giusti. Accompanied by the provincial, from 8 to 23 January, 2012, he visited all the confreres of Benin, Togo and Ghana. It was a time for dialogue and sharing lived together through the Eucharist, personal meetings and Community Councils. It was a suitable occasion for us to be confirmed in our Comboni vocation and our missionary work in the three countries in which we are present. A review of experiences also assisted us to evaluate our fidelity to the orientations of the latest Chapter, to emphasise the important aspects of living the Comboni charism in evangelisation and missionary animation, in vocations ministry and in formation.

We gathered at Agoe, at the house of the Canossian Sisters from 23 to 27 January for our Provincial Assembly. With the help of a questionnaire to which all the communities responded, we reflected, first and foremost, on our life-style and the Total Common Fund in particular. We also dwelt at length upon two points: discernment as to which community to close according to the indications of the latest Chapter and the grouping of the circumscriptions of Francophone Africa. These themes gave rise to a lively debate which is to be continued on the occasion of the Intercapitular Assembly.

Doubtless, the presence of Bro. Daniele was for us a moment of grace lived in simplicity and in a very family-style atmosphere. Thank you, Brother Daniele, for your presence among us: it encourages us to forge ahead, convinced of the gift we have received through the charism of St. Daniel Comboni.

Let us pray for our beloved dead

THE FATHERS: Ignacio, of Fr. Rafael Alamán Martínez (E); Giacomo, of Fr. Adriano Zerbini (BS).

THE MOTHERS: Elda, of Fr. Marco De Angelis (I); Judite, of Fr. Alberto de Oliveira Silva (P).

THE BROTHER: Vittorio, of Bro. Ottorino Gelmini (I).

THE SISTERS: Odette, of Fr. Abel Gueli Komi (T); Imelda, of Fr. Adelmo Spagnolo (†); Griselda, of Fr. Luis Alberto Barrera Pacheco (PE); Consuelo, of Fr. Daniel Magaña Chavez (EC).

THE COMBONI MISSIONARY SISTERS: Sr. M. Gilberta Lazzarin; Sr. M. Fosca Berardi; Sr. Eliselena Severgnini; Sr. M. Donata Pasquale; Sr. Firmina Fusi; Sr. Bernardetta Perego; Sr. Pia Agnese Sabbadini.