Rome, Thursday, July 19, 2012
We are already at the vigil of the Intercapitular Assembly (Rome, 2nd to 22th September, 2012) and we are continuing to prepare ourselves for this important moment in the life of the Institute. Speaking as General Council, we hope that the Assembly may be a time of profound sharing that will help us to better understand the situation of the mission, of the world and of our Institute in order to continue courageously our service using the resources available to us to the best advantage. We publish below the proposed Programme for the Intercapitular Assembly.






2 September



11.30 Welcome by Fr. General


16.00 Presentation and logistics

Introduction on aim, objectives and modalities

12.00 Holy Mass

17.00 Election of officials


3 September



Reflection guided by Fr. Abella:

“Mission and consecrated life today”


Group work: contextualising the provocation of Fr. Abella

Dialogue with Fr. Abella

Report  in the hall

Holy Mass


4 September



Report of the General Council


Reports of the  secretaries for Evangelisation, Missionary Animation and the sectors JPIC, CLM and Website

Time for clarifications, deepening and further information


5 September



Report of the secretary for Basic Formation

Report of the General Secretary

Report of the General Bursar


Report of the coordinator of the On Going Formation


6 September



Report  of the sub-continent

Anglophone Africa

Report of the continent


Report of the continent

Latin America and Asia

Report of the sub-continent

Francophone Africa


7 September

Questionnaire on continentality

Showing of results


Group work by continents

Sharing and discussion


Report in the hall


8 September

Trip to Orvieto


9 September

St Peter Claver

Encounter of the GC with each Provincial

  1. Four in the morning (9.00 – 13.00)                    Three in the afternoon (15.30 – 18-30)


10 September



Presentation of the

Ratio Missionis

Personal Reflection

and group work:

contextualising the  RM

Assimilation of the work done on  RM


Sharing in the hall on RM

Questions remaining from  EV


11 September



Formation: presentation of

-Missionary Service

-Small/inserted Scholasticates

-Continentality of Scholasticates

Work in language groups

To arrive at orientations to be proposed in the hall

Discussion on the 3 topics


Presentation  and Voting of the orientations that have emerged


12 S September



Code of Conduct

  • Contextualisation done
  • What is moving in the Church
  • Experiences of difficulties in the procedure

Total Common Fund

  • Status quaestionis
  • sharing
  • points on which to work



13 September



Clustering of jurisdictions

Introduction by Fr. Richard Baawobr


The status quaestionis MCCJ

-moment of sharing

-identifying ready circumscriptions

-time for deciding in groups what to do


14 September

Clustering - continues

Encounter of the GC with each Provincial

Four in the afternoon (15.30 – 19.00)


15 September

Encounter of the GC with the continental groups

  1. Two in the morning (9.00 – 13.00)                         Two in the afternoon (15.30 – 18-30)


16 September

10.30 Encounter with Card.  Fernando Filoni, Prefect of Propaganda Fide

11.00 H. Mass with Card. Fernando Filoni

13.00 Lunch


    Encounter of the GC with each Provincial:    Three in the afternoon (15.30 – 18-30)


17 September

Rule of Life:

Presentation by the ad hoc committee

Criteria for the assignment of personnel

Back to the report of the GC

Discussion and concrete proposals

Sharing on the criteria for the assignment of personnel


18 September



Orientations for the future

  • Report of the commission  that has captured the action points
  • Group work and discernment on the points that have emerged
  • Indication of orientations


19 September



Preparation of the next General Chapter:

Report of the research group on methodologies and statutes followed by other institutes in their recent Chapter

  • Deciding whether to have a monothematic Chapter or one that tackles everything
    • If monothematic, indicate the theme
    • Deciding whether to get the help of a facilitator
    • Deciding the length of the Chapter
    • Selecting a commission to prepare the new Statutes (optional)


20 September

Continuation of the work on the next Chapter


Other topics (Points from the Comboni Forum of Rio)



21 September


Encounter of the GC with each Provincial

  1. Four in the morning (9.00 – 13.00)                   Three in the afternoon (15.30 – 18-30)


22 September


Encounter of the GC with each Provincial

  1. Four in the morning (9.00 – 13.00)                   Three in the afternoon (15.30 – 18-30)