Thursday, May 11, 2017
The Finance Council of the Comboni Missionaries met at the General Curia in Rome on May 5-9. In attendance were the continental representatives, the technical advisors and the members of the General Finance office. The main reason for the meeting was the review of the financial reports of the circumscriptions and of the General Administration. These were the topics discussed during these days of activity: financial risk, revisions on the establishment of Stable Patrimony and avenues of formation for treasurers. In the picture: Fr. Vítor Manuel Beco Anciães and Fr. Manuel Ferreira Horta.

Two of the members of the Council have been recently appointed to it by the General Council. They are Fr. Chmiel Sebastian Jerzy, treasurer of the delegation of Chad, and Fr. Gonzalo Antonio Dasilva Fernández, provincial treasurer of Spain. The next meeting will take place in November 2017.

In the picture below, from left to right: Bro. Giuseppe Lagattolla, of the Curia community; Bro. Raniero Iacomella, treasurer of the Rome community; Fr. Vítor Manuel Beco Anciães, provincial treasurer of Brazil; Fr. Pietro Ciuciulla, Assistant general in Rome; Fr. Claudio Lurati, general treasurer in Rome; Bro. Guillermo Casas Rosell, administrator of the center for ongoing formation in Rome; Fr. Manuel Ferreira Horta, administrator of the Comboni publications in Portugal; Fr. Chmiel Sebastian Jerzy; P. Gonzalo Antonio Dasilva Fernández; Fr. João da Silva Ferreira, of the general finance office in Rome; and Fr. Paolo Latorre, provincial treasurer of Kenya.